Book Review: A Dangerous Dress by Julia Holden

A Dangerous Dress
Author: Julia Holden
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Chick Lit
Released: June 27th 2006
Review Source: Purchased
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) If there's one dress that can make Jane Stuart think that anything was possible, it's her late grandmother's vintage 1920s Parisian dress. And when the dress becomes her ticket out of Kirland, Indiana, Jane takes her first tentative steps on her own reckless, passionate, and oh-so-dangerous adventure-to the fashion world of Paris, the celebrity scene in Manhattan, and beyond. But, as the dress takes her to dazzling new heights, one man will bring her back down to earth.

(3.5 Trees)

This is truly a girlie girl kind of book.

Jane Stuart is a girl from the mid-west (Kirland, Indiana to be exact) that inherits her late grandmother's vintage 1920’s Parisian dress. This dress is impressive in every aspect. Jane is intrigued in finding out how her grandmother came upon this marvelous dress. She remembers from her course in school that such a dress could only be from the 1920’s, but what was her grandmother doing in Paris in 1920 when to Jane’s knowledge her grandmother had never left Kirland?

Jane writes an essay regarding the dress and how her grandmother was young and had gone to Paris & when she put on this gorgeous dress she felt empowered as if she could do anything or be anyone while wearing such a dress. A movie producer reads Jane’s essay and is making a movie based on her essay. She receives a call from the producer’s assistant with details on plane ticket, passport photo’s and a car that will pick her up and drive her to such places. When Jane receives he plane ticket she realizes she is going to…PARIS!!!! This turns her life upside down...literally! She takes her dress (grandmas) with her carefully packed in her suitcase and off to Paris “they” go!!

While in Paris Jane experiences many adventures some bad and other good. She has little romances and an entire experience based on that “dangerous” dress. However, how her grandmother came upon this dress remained a mystery.

A charming read, although it started becoming a bit too unlikely with all the things Jane was experiencing I still continued with the read only because I was interested in finding out about how her grandmother came about such “A Dangerous Dress”.

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