Reading Nook of the Week: Britney at Living Fictitiously

Reading Nook of the Week

Today we are happy to bring you Britney from Living Fictitiously blog. So lets take a look at where Britney likes to do her reading. 

My reading nook is my couch. This particular corner of my couch. I live in a tiny apartment so I don't really have a lot of options, but this corner of the couch is my favorite. As you can tell from the pictures, when I'm not utilizing my nook, my dog uses it as his "nappy place" as I call it. When I'm ready to read, I turn on my lamp, cover up with my blanket, and Cole (my dog) curls up next to me under the blanket. It's the perfect spot.

In the winter, I light a fire in the fireplace right next to the couch and get all nice a cozy. My favorite time to curl up in my nook is on a Saturday or Sunday morning before my husband gets up with a cup of coffee and my pups. When I finally buy a house, I plan of having an entire Reading Nook Room!

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  1. I love the fireplace! Great spot!! Makes me want to grab my book and sit in my own reading nook to read!


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