Book Review: Pool of Souls by Cheryl Landmark

Pool of Souls
Author: Cheryl Landmark
Reading Level: YA/Adult
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Released: November 27th 2011
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) On the world called Regalis, the domains are ruled by kings and queens and mages wield great power. Queen Saranor, ruler of the Janix domain, is no longer content with reigning solely over her own queendom. She has become insanely greedy and ambitious and, with the help of the powerful mage, Nostrimus, and a soul-killing talisman called the Pool of Souls, she sets out on a brutal, bloody campaign to rule all of Regalis. Her bid for world dominance, however, is challenged by a rebellion led by General Darnellis Viadon, the former commander of her troops.

After her brother leaves their small hometown to join the general’s rebellion, twenty-two year old Cazlina Narzin decides to follow in his footsteps and enlist in the army as well. But, once away from the safety and isolation of Rothtown in the company of her loyal companion, Miris, Cazlina soon discovers that the battle zeal and passion she harbors to help rid the world of the renegade queen may not be enough to protect her from the danger and evil threatening her world.

(3.5 Trees)

Pool of Souls started out a little slow for me as the author Cheryl Landmark wove the story. But with details and descriptions of another world, which is inhabited by her young heroine Cazlina, who has the
power to communicate by mental telepathy with animals, I soon found myself pulled into the story. Cazlina is a strong young woman who never waits to be rescued but in fact does the rescuing while surprising even
herself by always trusting her instincts. This book seems mainly directed toward a young adult genre with hints of romance and some graphic fight scenes. The story tends to be somewhat predictable but is
a fast paced and enjoyable read.

Cazlina and her faithful horse Miris set off on an adventure together to join the rebellion being launched against an evil and malevolent queen who has taken control of the kingdom. Queen Sarador's greed knows
no end and by using her ability to steal the souls, the strength and even the cruel darkness of her prisoners through her Pool of Souls talisman, she reigns the domain of Regalis with terror. Caz finds unlikely alliances and possibly romance on her journey to find her brother Gareth and join him in the rebellion against the queen. This rebellion is lead by General Viadon whose goal is to remove the rogue
queen and destroy the Pool of Souls. While Cazlina struggles to prove that she is worthy to join and take an active role in the rebellion, she finds constant peril from magical creatures and enemies known and

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