Pens! Camera! ACTION!: Anna Dressed in Blood - Austenland - If I Stay

Pens! Camera! ACTION!

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Movie news for Anna Dressed in Blood: As reported in the Los Angeles Times. The film rights have been bought for Anna Dressed in Blood and guess by who? Stephenie Meyer and her production company Fickle Fish optioned the rights and have begin developing the film.

If your not familiar with Anna Dressed in Blood, its a YA paranormal ghost story. The book was released August of 2011. The series is called Anna and the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood published August of 2012 and its called Girl of Nightmares. Tor Teen publishes this series.

Apparently Stephenie Meyer has no plans of writing a book anytime soon and will be concentrating on movies. She is producing The Host, which she wrote, Austenland written by Shannon Hale and she is in works also for Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan.

So what do you think of Anna Dressed in Blood hitting the big screen possibly or Stephenie Meyer producing?

Austenland movie news: As reported on The Hollywood Reporter, Austenland sells to Sony Pictures and for a whopping $4 million apparently. The film will be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. The bidding took some time due to Stephenie Meyer not being available. The film was presented at 2013 Sundance Film Festival on January 18th.
Austenland is written by Shannon Hale and was published by Bloomsbury. The book was released May of 2007. Its a modern tale that fans of Mr. Darcy will like. The movie was produced by Stephenie Meyer and stars Kerri Russel. Kerri Russel plays thirty something year old Jane Hayes in the film. The movie was directed by Jerusha Hess and running time is 97 minutes. 

Mtv caught up with Stephenie Meyer in Park City, UT and they asked her regarding a Austenland inspired twilight vacation spot. Stephenie Meyer responded: The Most Magical Place in Forks?"It would be so boring!" she told MTV News about the possibility of Twilightland. "What, would you go to high school? Would you have to go to high school for it? That's not a vacation. Sounds awful. I don't want to go back to high school."

So Twi-hards, we can forget about ever getting a Twilightland! 

Are you going to watch Austenland when it hits theaters?

If I Stay movie news: If I Stay was optioned by Summit Entertainment for sometime now. The director has since changed from Catherine Hardwicke to Heitor Dhalia. As of yet, no cast has been confirmed.

On January 14th, Ana was able to attend the book signing for Gayle Forman's new release Just One Day in Coral Gables, Fl. Ana was part of the crowd that was able to listen to juicy tidbits regarding Gayle's books and news about If I Stay. According to Ana and what Gayle mentioned, Gayle hopes that Chloe Grace Moretz is cast to play the part of Mia Hall. Mia Hall is the main protagonist in If I Stay.

If I Stay is written by Gayle Forman and was published by Dutton Juvenile. If I Stay is a YA contemporary thriller. The book was released in 2009 and follows the story of 17 year old Mia that is involved in a horrible car accident. The story is told while Mia is in a coma. There is a sequel to If I Stay called Where She Went, that follows Adam story after If I Stay. Both amazing books and even better audio books.

So what do you think if Chloe is cast? Who do you think would be a perfect Mia and Adam?

UPDATE 1/24/13: Mtv's Hollywood Crush is confirming that Chloe Grace Moretz did in fact get casted to play Mia in If I Stay!!!!
So that's Pens! Camera! ACTION. We hope you enjoyed reading it and will continue to read it. Leave us your comments.


  1. I haven't read 'Anna Dressed in Blood' yet but I've already several reviews of it so I'm excited it was picked up and waiting with anticipation who they'll be casting for the roles. I'll be looking out for Austenland too.

  2. Glad I read this! I had no idea about Anna Dressed in Blood, I loved the first book but haven't finished the second yet....


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