Extra! Extra!: #Divergent Fans Something Big is Coming to Mtv this Sunday!

BIG is the keyword here! Divergent's shared this graphic on their tumblr account. They didn't give any hints or teasers except that banner. I never miss the VMA's but you can be sure I will be watching them and recording them at the same time. I am super excited to know what they plan of giving the Divergent Nation.

Would it be to soon for a trailer? Or maybe Theo and Shailene will surprise us and show up and present an award or something even bigger. Ahhhh, this is going to drive me nuts because you know that they will wait till the end of the VMA's to show whatever BIG thing they plan to show. Who cares right?  as long as we get something Divergent. Ha! Maybe Gaga and Theo will dance, lol.

So remember to set your DVRs or tell Suri to remind you that the Mtv Video Music Awards are on Sunday, August 25th at 9pm EST/8pm CST.

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