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Hydraulic Level Five
Author: Sarah Latchaw
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: September 3rd 2013
Review Source: Blog Tour
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Cover Designed By: Amy Brokaw / Micha Stone6c7b94746a33f492a9a21ac5ba465ab89_amazon[3][3][3]add-to-goodreads-button31[4][3][3]

How does a woman get over her one great love? With whitewater rafting, bluegrass, and a touch of revenge…

Kaye is an extreme sports addict with a kind heart and an axe to grind with her childhood sweetheart and ex-husband, renowned writer Samuel Caulfield Cabral. While Samuel enjoys a celebrity life in New York, Kaye remains in their hometown of Lyons, Colorado, running her PR agency and chatting daily with Samuel’s family, the beloved Cabrals—first-generation Mexican-Americans who have embraced Kaye as their own.

But when Samuel returns for his sister’s wedding with his new love interest, stunning editor Caroline Ortega , the gloves are stripped off. Kaye is determined to unearth the reasons behind the death of their marriage and why two people who lived to love each other were driven apart.

She discovers startling revelations about Samuel, about life…and about herself.

This book is by far one of my favorite books of 2013! I adore Sarah’s style of writing. From the moment I picked up the book, I just couldn’t let it go. I cried my eyes out over the beauty of this tale. Hydraulic Level 5 is all kind of feels. It consumed me.

Hydraulic Level 5 is a love story about two individuals, Kaye and Samuel whose relationship parted away. They shared many years of childhood memories along with a passionate love but an event occurred leaving Kaye questioning herself. She didn’t know where their relation go wrong, wondering for years where she made the mistake that caused Samuel to depart. With the upcoming wedding of Samuel’s sister, he must return to his hometown. With his arrival, Kaye is determined to get the answers of his departure.

I love everything about Hydraulic Level 5. I love Kaye, she is very driven and yet humble. I love how I can feel all of her emotions. I feel proud of her when she is strong in parts that I know I will crumble. I adore Samuel, even with his dark and mysterious side. I know he is fighting his own demons and is hard for him to open up. I just feel like he needs to open up with Kaye to understand him better. I love his writing, well technically it’s Sarah’s, but yes, he is very talented. I love the glimpse he provides us of their childhood times. They way both adored each other at such age. It made me love them even more knowing their history.

Sincerely, this is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. HL5 is a combination of both of my all times favorite movies: The Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama. The love these two share is something few people has ever experience. The book is not a standalone. It ends right at their new status of relationship – their friendship vows. The story is not rushed; it is well build, well explained. I know some of you know this story from the Twilight fanfic era, but Sarah’s has changed a couple of things. Yet the story remains as amazing as ever, even better in my opinion. This is a without doubts a must read! I strongly suggest everyone to start this book right away. The story is simply beautiful.

About the Author

Sarah Latchaw was raised in eastern Iowa and appreciates beauty in mud-splattered gravel roads,
weathered farm faces, and combine harvesters powering through cornfields. She also loves to explore the world, thanks to countless family minivan trips across the States to coastal cities and national monuments. This passion for finding stories led to college adventures to Israel and Palestine, Jordan, Slovakia, Germany, and other European countries. Each place’s story rests in the back of her mind and in her childhood photo albums.

In 2002, Sarah received her BA from Wartburg College in public relations and media, and entered the workforce, ready to climb the ladder. However, when researching MBA applications evoked feelings of dread, she realized a corporate marketing career wasn’t for her. With the unfailing support of her loving husband, she chose to pursue a career in freelance and creative writing, and received her MA from Iowa State University in 2009.

These days, Sarah wakes every morning thrilled to cuddle her small children, show them the world, then capture that world and shape it into stories on paper. She also enjoys her piano, volunteering in her community, and reading anything with a cohesive plot. She and her family reside in Des Moines, Iowa.


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  1. Thank you so much for reading and offering a well-thought review! I appreciate the support, and would be happy to do any follow-up you like, such as an interview or excerpt :) Sarah


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