Extra! Extra!: The Ultimate 'I Am Number Four' Fan Experience!

Latest News on the I Am Number Four Fans website:

Love the I Am Number Four series? Think you know all there is to know about the story from reading I AM NUMBER FOUR THE POWER OF SIX, THE RISE OF NINE THE FALL OF FIVE and all the LOST FILES novellas? Well, reading all those books is pretty impressive so yes, you probably know most of it. But you don’t know EVERYTHING, smartie.

Prepare yourself for a new layer of the I Am Number Four story with the “They Walk Among Us” blog. By joining, you’ll be able to read articles, interact with the editors, and prove your fan prowess by working your way up to editor status. It’s not all about what you know though—it’s about what you might learn too. Who are these mysterious editors of “They Walk Among Us” and can they all be trusted? The choose-your-own-adventure style experience will take you into the I Am Number Four world in a totally new way—and you never know what you might find out that will impact future books in the series. (Ooo! Super spoiler-y spoilers!)

This one is for you, ultimate I Am Number Four fans. We think you’re pretty kick-ass so we hope you enjoy this new branch of I Am Number Four storytelling.

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