Countdown to #Allegiant: 4 More Days to GOOOOOOOOO!

4 days left only, can you believe that Initiates? I feel like we have been waiting forever but our time is almost here. I truly hope NONE of you have read or have been following any of that leaked stuff, don't let someone petty ruin it for you. Keeping holding on for Veronica, Four and Tris.

Here are two updates from Divergent Official:
  • The Twitter chat with iBooks will begin at 3PM pacific time (6PM eastern time) on 10.23.
  • The midnight video will release at 11:59PM eastern time on 10.21 here on Join us in counting down the last few seconds until ALLEGIANT!
You can see the post these updates refer to HERE.

 I Am Divergent has a running list of midnight release parties. So if you haven't found a party near you yet, just click here to be taken to the master list.


  1. I saw a few people upset in my twitter feed about leaked stuff. How did that happen? I thought there weren't any ARC's?

    1. There weren't any ARCs but I know that some people got their books earlier because of a shipping issue with amazon or some book seller, not sure on all the deers. But regardless if ARCs or not, why do it PERIOD.


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