Book Review: Scary Stories: The Northern Frights by Derek The Ghost

The Northern Frights
Scary School #3
Author: Derek The Ghost, Scott M. Fischer
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Genre: Paranormal
Released: June 25th 2013
Review Source: HarperCollins

In The Northern Frights, the third book in the spooky Scary School series, Charles “New Kid” Nukid and his friends, including Lattie, a girl ninja, must fight an epic battle with an ice dragon to save their school. But first they must survive going to Scream Academy as exchange students. And that may be hard, because the Academy has an abominable snowman for a principal, a Headless Horseman as one of the teachers, and the students are yetis, trolls, and ogres!

Will Charles survive to make an ancient prophecy come to pass and save everyone? The illustrated Scary School trilogy by Derek the Ghost, with its mix of humor, scares, and adventure, is a perfect pick for middle-grade readers of the Wayside School series and the Zach Files books.

So my 9 year old asked me if I was going to write a little something before his very first review. All I can say, is that he wrote this review on his own. Typed it on his own. But above all, read the book in just a few days, so I know it must be good!


I think this book has a fantastic cover with Charles holding the Sword of Fire fearlessly and with Scream Academy in the background. Charles Nukid is a student at Scary School who hates to break the rules. He is going to be an exchange student at Scream Academy for a week with 5 other students. He will run into some trouble, a good bit of trouble, but he does not have a clue that he will have to battle a furious monster that might cost his life trying to save four other schools.

​I think the author did a awesome job explaining this story, but I was a little confused at the beginning because I did not read the first two books. So you should read the first two so you can understand it more clearly. The setting I think was the most interesting was Scream Academy. This is where Charles and his friends fought the furious monster. I thought Charles was amazing when he and his friends were using the Sword of Fire and potions to save Scream Academy, Scary School, Bloodington, Wolfs Bane, and Zombie Tech. 

I recommend this book for 8 and older. I'm going to tell my friends about it!


  1. Thanks for the review, Jonathan! Glad you enjoyed it! It's an ongoing storyline, so I do encourage kids to read the books in order for the full effect. Keep checking for updates on the release of Scary School #4 next year! - Derek the Ghost

  2. Thanks for the review! It is an ongoing storyline, so I do recommend to kids to read the books in order for the full effect. Please keep checking for updates on the release of Scary School #4 next year! - Derek the Ghost


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