A Saturday Moment with Deitre + Giveaway

Yes, it's up.  It's decorated, it's lite, it's shining bright.  Just in time for Christmas.  On last week the rain didn't stop this family from getting a tree.  There is a little glimpse above.  No unique theme, just years and years of homemade ornaments from the kids and lots of colorful lights.  This week went by fast.  I counted the days and minutes, as it is now time for a wonderful Winter Holiday!  I enjoyed some wonderful music from my daughters orchestra.

Then I had the best time making these yummy snowmen for the youngest's classroom with the help of his big brother.  Yes, Josh stepped away from a book just in time to help.  I couldn't do it without them.  I'm sure there were some happy faces..."WOW we are having a healthy Christmas party treat."  (Are you hearing the giggles in the background?)

So what do you do when you have two weeks off for the Winter Holiday?  You sleep, you shop, you snuggle with your heated blanket and coffee (Butter Toffee, is in the cup now).  You spend time with your family and friends first and foremost and yes, let us not forget you read.  You read that book that you always said you would get to one day.  For me I've got a lot of catching up to do.  I have 2 on my list and I'll even throw in what Josh is currently reading as well.  I'm sure you can guess which one it is.  

Let us know which book is on your Christmas list and guess which book you think Josh is reading out of the choices above.  Leave your comments and your email address (remember I'm old fashion with giveaways for now) for chance to win last week's read Ashes to Ashes By Melissa Walker.  As always Random.org will pick a winner for me late Monday night and I'll email the winner.

So why don't you take some time to relax and dive into a good book during the holidays.
Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!



  1. Those snowmen treats are so cute and a great idea! I'm going to have to do that now. :) Right now The Darkest Minds and The Raven Boys are on my list. Josh has to be reading Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones. :)

  2. Forgot to put my email dayowldreamer(at)gmail(dot)com. Sorry! I always forget. :)

  3. I think he is reading Allegiant right now

  4. I really really want the Iron Knight right now
    I think Josh is reading Allegiant
    Oops, forgot to put my email address on there

  5. I would love to win, and read this!! thanks
    lzamudio02 @ hotmail .com

  6. Sorry I dont think I answered the question in my first comment! Can that above comment be delete? :D
    Covet is def on my christmas list! I loved Tracey Graves (The island!!)
    hmm is josh reading grave diggers? :D
    I would love to win / read ashes to ashes
    thank you for giveaway !
    lzamudio02 @ hotmail .com

  7. Josh is probably reading Gravediggers :) My Christmas wish list would consist of some great preorders: Ignite Me, Split Second, Independent Study & Perfect Lies.

  8. I bet he's reading Allegiant :) Allegiant is on my wishlist too. Trying to convince my mom to buy me it and Divergent as well as THG trilogy! Happy Holidays :D (email subtleadieu@live.com)

  9. Josh is reading the Gravediggers book, isn't he?

    Ummm...on my Christmas wish list is Thrash (Bayonet Scars, #2) by J.C. Emery.

    Thanks for the Giveaway! :)

    Stormreader20 at yahoo dot com

  10. On my list is Sadie's Mountain by Shelby Rebecca. I think Josh is reading Gravediggers Mountain of Bones. Thanks for having this giveaway.


  11. I think Josh is reading Gravediggers. I have so many on my want list but one for sure would be 3:59 by Gretchen McNeil

  12. Sorry forgot my email kydirtgirl68 AT gmail DOT com

  13. Josh is reading Gravediggers. I have a ton on my wishlist. Like Into the Still Blue and The Offering. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!


  14. These Broken Stars is on my Christmas Wishlist. I think Josh is reading Covet.

    ann [dot] m [dot] vuong [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. I agree, has to be reading GRAVEDIGGERS.

    So many on my list. LIFE OF PI for one.



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