A Saturday Moment with Deitre

I know it's Sunday again. I can't really bring myself to change the title. I was thinking I might skip this week, because there weren't any huge bookish moments that really hit me.  However, here I type, before life takes me to a Sunday afternoon meeting at 4:00. This week's nights have been filled with so much reading. I have truly put myself in speed read mode! I can't do it as fast as Josh or Lydey with our reviewer coven, but when a book needs to be read, it needs to be read. Autumn Rose By Abigail Gibbs, finished. I can't wait to share the review with you on Tuesday. It will be a part of a book tour with MundieMoms.

I'm still working on some children's books from Candlewick Press and Forever by Emma Dodd is next in line to read. It is always nice to jump from Adult to YA to Children's. I had forgotten all about my love for children's books. So these have been a nice treat.  Check out  A Leisure Moment next week.  Yara is showcasing one of her childhood favorites on tomorrow.  You won't want to miss it!

Happy Reading,

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  1. I have The Dark Heroine and ever since I've seen the sequel, it's rushed up on my list of books to read in the next two months! I can't wait to see your review for Autumn Rose! :)

    Review - The Geography of You and Me


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