Book Review: Beautiful Chaos by Robert M. Drake

Beautiful Chaos
Author: Robert M. Drake
Reading Level: Not Specified
Genre: Poetry
Released: August 4th 2014
Review Source: Purchased

Chaos is not pretty. It's like feeling a hundred things. Hearing a hundred voices, and somewhere in the riot we tend to lose ourselves. And as we depart reality we find the truth. This book is the truth, it's everything we've been feeling for so long.

I had only found out about Robert M. Drake by stumbling upon his Instagram page (rmdrk), what a happy accident. Then, I had found out he had written books, so I decided I needed to get my hands on at least one of them.

This book in particular is a hauntingly beautiful collection of poems and thoughts. It draws you into his mentality and makes you never want to leave. He writes of love and life so passionately, as if the emotion and experience are sacred things to be treasured at all times.

It is quite short, so I finished in one sitting, but it left a huge impression. The way he strings words together are just so breathtaking. At this point, I’m just about willing to read anything he writes. By the end, if I had to choose one word to describe this gorgeousness of a book it would be “pretty.” It is just so pretty.

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