Cover Reveal: J.R. Ward's New Series Kicks-Off with The Bourbon Kings

WARDen Fans lets all rejoice in this news. We didn't just get a cover reveal but news on a brand new series coming out next summer. It feels like Christmas came early. 

Entertainment Weekly got to ask Ward a couple of questions about this new series that we posted below and EW has also learned that Bourbon Kings has already been optioned for television by Endemol, the same production company behind Big Brother and Deal or No Deal, among others.:

EW: What is the new series about?
J.R. WARD: The Bourbon Kings is a modern-day Downton Abbey set on a huge estate owned by the Bradford family, major players in Kentucky’s bourbon industry for generations. The Bradfords are like the Carringtons or the Ewings, and there’s a lot of upstairs-downstairs drama and intrigue. Actually, it’s got a lot in common with my Black Dagger Brotherhood series: big emotions, epic story lines, surprises jumping out at you, coupled with soul-deep love stories.

EW: What do you think of the cover?
I love this cover! It captures the essence of the series: sex, power, and scandal, all rolled up in an aristocratic package. And who can resist a man in a tux?

EW: How do you feel about the possibility of a television series?
I am so excited about Endemol Studios optioning the series for TV/film. They really get the story lines, and they’re bringing the same level of passion and intensity I do to the work. Fans of big, juicy sagas with family secrets and scandals will love it.

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