Blogoversay Sneak Peek: 10 Harper Teen Paperbacks Giveaway!!!

Coming Monday, March 16th, we will kick off our 5 year blogoversay with fantastic giveaway. The giveaway will include 10 young adult titles just released in paperback edition by HarperTeen, an imprint of Harper Collins.

Here at Once Upon a Twilight we decided we had to share our excitement when we received these books. So we made a short google hangout video for you all to check out. This was our first time ever using google hangout, as you can see in the video, we had a fun time creating it. If you think this video is funny, you should have seen the bloopers. We plan to bring you guys more google hangout videos in the future, hope you like them. You will get to see the crazy people behind OUaT.

So don't forget, March 16th, will kick off a full week of celebrating to commemorate our 5 year blogoversary!!!


  1. Now that I stop laughing, I noticed all the pretty books behind you... and the once that are ready to be sent out *cough*

    1. Next one your taking part so everyone can see who the awesome Leydy is!!!

    2. Lol count me in as well that looked like fun!


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