Book Review: Boarding School Girls: A Novel by Helen Eve

Boarding School Girls: A Novel
Stella # 0.5
Author: Helen Eve
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: March 24th 2015
Review Source: St. Martin's Griffin


Worshipped, envied, desired, and feared by all, Siena Hamilton reigns over Temperley High, the embodiment of the Hamilton legacy. She and the Starlets may still be healing from the unfortunate and horrible events of that night, at the end of last year, but nothing can shake her place as the head of Temperley’s elite any longer. The Starlets are nothing if not adept at dealing with traitors, and Siena is her mother's daughter: she knows how to be perfect, and she will not disappoint. There is only one person who could possibly get in her way…

Romy, former Starlet, is back—back from a mutually-agreed-upon term away, in France—and no one is happy about it, least of all herself. She's changed now, though. She's trying harder to be normal, to dress appropriately, to blend in, to keep her head down and keep the secret of what really happened that night safe and hidden. But when your former best friends are untouchable, and you've betrayed them, you don't just get to come back—even if you're beginning to think they might not have been your friends in the first place.

In Boarding School Girls, prequel to Helen Eve's first novel Stella, revenge runs deep, old wounds break open, and the past can never, never be outrun.

Gossip Girl meets Mean Girls. Boarding School Girls is complete with betrayals and backstabbing. This story shows that high school is cruel. 

From the self-absorbed Siena to the wannabe Romy, a former Starlet, Boarding School Girls illustrates the desperation there is to fit in. A well capture of the meltdowns and drama one goes through just to blend in. 

Either we loved or hated our high school’s queen bee. In this story, Siena is the one to be labeled as this. She is the true definition of ruthless. She has it all and wants it all. Her way or no way. And planning a wedding at 17, well what can I say? Crazy? But I cannot blame her. Her mother is as awful and creepy and everything in between. Siena is just an image of her mother.

I’m not sure how I feel about this story. It is entertaining to read how one truly cares about fitting in, to feel wanted while in high school. It’s sad to read how some parents treat their kids just to portrait the perfect family. The sacrificing and humiliations of a high school student… all captured well in this book. The story is not the best but it is decent and at times funny. I think it will connect with the younger crowd.

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