#ThrowbackThursday: Once Upon a Divergent Premiere

Throwback Thursday is the theme of the day! We share with you our adventures throughout book signings, world premieres, mall tours and many others.

A book began the bond of a lifetime...

Today on Throwback Thursday, we are sharing with you Shannon's adventure at the Los Angeles Divergent Premiere!

So I am definitely going to state that my time at the Divergent premiere was the best time I've ever had at a premiere. I've been to a quite a few premieres over the years and I can definitely tell you some horror stories, but from the very beginning this premiere ran smoothly. 

So Yay! Here'e the carpet getting set up for the day. Such an enticing picture, I know.

I got a pretty kick butt spot on the carpet and was able to selfie it with some initiates.

 And then the best view of the night, President Fitzgerald Grant, I mean Andrew Prior, wait... Tony Goldwyn, that's it. 

Then we ran into some not so nice characters. I'm smiling on the outside but in the inside I'm yelling at them for ever hurting my Tris and Tobias. I'm especially looking at you Marcus Eaton. 

And BOOM Queen of the evening Veronica Roth. I may or may not have been a little too emotional. But whatever, I do what I want, and sometimes I can't help myself around rock stars. 

Luckily I was able to attend the Divergent after party, which was beautiful and had a lot of free food. 

When I took a break on snacking on the free food and drinks I ran into Caleb and said "hey I don't really like you but let's take a picture anyways. I'll forgive for a minute for Allegiant, but a minute that's it," (PS these are not my feelings towards Ansel)
 And my boyfriend, Theo James was busy, so this was the best shot I could get of us. But you can't deny that we look perfect together. 

Then they tried to make me choose a fraction but I yelled from the rooftops "YOU CAN'T DEFINE ME."
I then pretended to drop a mic and left the building...fractionless. 

 OH Look! A Giveaway!

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