#WickedReads week-long event!

 #TwitterGhostStory, is a week-long event (taking place 10/26-10/31) in which you can write a spooky story in 140 characters or less using #TwitterGhostStory to  enter for the chance to win a prize pack of the featured titles.

Also, there is one more Twitter chat taking place this Friday at 4pm that is being hosted by @YAbookscentral and @mashreads, respectively. The authors participating are:

Danielle Vega (twitter.com/dvegabooks) author of The Merciless and Survive the Night
Peter Kujawinski (twitter.com/kujawinski) author of Nightfall
Kim Liggett (twitter.com/kim_liggett) author of Blood and Salt
April Genevieve Tucholke (https://twitter.com/apriltucholke) author of Slasher Girls & Monster Boys
Carol Goodman (https://twitter.com/C_Goodmania) author of Blythewood series
Sally Green (https://twitter.com/Sa11eGreen) author of the Half Bad series

Place candy corn in bowl. Load horror flicks in DVD player. Queue the Monster Mash. And last but not least – ensure that your bookshelf is stocked with the perfect books to carry you all month long on a Halloween high to October 31st. These are the books with the creep factor, ghoulish romances, and deadly secrets we know will get the job done:

1. Nightfall 

Afraid of the dark? You should be. On Marin’s island, the sun doesn’t rise every 24 hours, it rises every 28 years…and she’s just been left behind in 14 hours of Night.

2. The Accident Season 

You might look forward to picking out the perfect Halloween costume every time fall comes around, but Kara has different priorities – every October, her family becomes inexplicably accident prone.

3. Blood and Salt 

You may want to avoid the corn mazes this year after reading this book: Ash Larkin follows her mom to the spiritual commune she escaped from long ago only to find something sinister waiting in the cornstalks…

4. Survive the Night 

An all-night, underground rave in the subway system of New York City – what could go wrong? Try mutilated bodies showing up in the tunnels halfway through the party.

5. The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen

Note: who said you can’t find romance at a seance? But be cautious, chances are more than likely your new crush has a dark secret.

6. Fiendish

Clementine DeVore spent ten years trapped in a cellar, silenced and forotten. Now she’s out and determined to uncover who put her there…and why.

7. The Blythewood Series

Ever fantasized about going to boarding school? Better make sure you’re prepared to make devastating sacrifices and face sinister forces trying to take advantage of you and your classmates.

8. The Merciless

Forget the burn book from Mean Girls, the mean girls in this book decide to give their classmate a torturous exorcism in the basement.

9. Slasher Girls and Monster Boys

What’s better than 1 bloodcurdling short story from one of your favorite YA authors? 14 bloodcurdling horror stories from 14 of your favorite YA authors, that’s how many.

10. The Half Bad series

In a modern-day England where good witches an bad witches live among us, Nathan is both…and he’s being hunted by both sides.

11. The Replacement

Mackie Doyle is The Replacement – left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. He has been raised among us. But he is not one of us. Now, he must face the dark creatures of the slag heaps from which he came and find his rightful place – in our world or theirs.

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