Book Review: The New Hunger by Isaac Marion + Giveaway

The New Hunger
Warm Bodies novella
Author: Isaac Marion
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Zombies | Horror
Released: October 6, 2015
Review Source: Atria/Emily Bestler Books

The end of the world didn’t happen overnight. After years of war, societal breakdown, freak storms, and rising tides, humanity already hovered near the edge. Then came the most unexpected threat of all: the world’s corpses rising up to deliver the final blow.

Born into this bleak and bloody landscape, twelve-year-old Julie struggles to hold on to hope as she and her parents drive across the wastelands of America on a nightmarish road trip in search of a new home.

Hungry, lost, and terrified, sixteen-year-old Nora finds herself her brother’s sole guardian after her parents abandon them in the not-quite-empty ruins of Seattle.

And in the darkness of a forest, a dead man opens his eyes. Who is he? What is he? With no clues beyond a red tie and the letter “R,” he must unravel the grim mystery of his existence—right after he learns how to think, how to walk, and how to satisfy the monster howling in his belly…

First I'd like to start by saying that I have not read Warm Bodies. I know, I know shame on me! But more on this later…

The New Hunger follows three characters: Julie, Nora, and R. It's a prequel that takes seven years before Warm Bodies. The apocalypse has just taken place and the dead are just starting to rise. Julie is 12 and along with her parents, is trying to find safe shelter. Nora is 16 and has become her brother's guardian after their parents abandoned them. R is just waking up and trying to figure out who or what he is.

I loved this novella! Having seen the movie, I was familiar with the characters. I loved getting to know each and every one of them and learning their backstories. Let's also mention how amazing Isaac Marion's writing is. It is so easy to lose yourself in!

Back to Warm Bodies now. I am picking it up to read as I type. Am I kind of glad I held off this long? Sure. I'm slightly OCD, so reading the books in this order pleases me! If you haven't read Warm Bodies, pick up The New Hunger. If you have read Warm Bodies, pick up The New Hunger. Either way, pick it up!

Next books in the series will be:
The Burning World - 7/5/2016
The Living - 2017

Check out HERE what Isaac Marion said about the sequels! 

To celebrate the release of The New Hunger, we are giving one reader copies of both. So you get your own copy of The New Hunger and Warm Bodies. Giveaway is for US and CA residents only. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love these. I think the movie just added to the story.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ive been wanting to read warm bodies since i saw the movie a while back its so cute so id love to read about the world i saw through tue movie and see the differences and wow i diddnt know there was another book to this thank you for this giveaway :) and wow i used no punctuation sorry haha and by the way ive beem trying to comment and i have no clue if its sending sorry if it sends twice

  4. I definitely need to read this. I need to finish off this series before I watch the movie. =P Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  5. omg i want to enter, i havent read warm bodies i wanted to buy it in my language, but im glad i didnt bc theres a novella too gasp emoticon i have seen the movie which was soo cool, and i love zombie apocalypse survival type of books, i live in canada quebec can i still enter?? thank you for this chance :)

  6. Thank you so much for introducing us to these books. Great giveaway!

  7. I love Warm Bodies the book and the movie. I would love to read The New Hunger. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  8. I absolutely love the movie (I actually just rewatched it yesterday! Nicholas Hoult is so hot lol) and have been really interested in reading the books which the movie is based upon. Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Loved Warm Bodies, eager to read more!

  10. I loved the movie, so I'd love to read the book!

  11. I'd totally love to read this. I haven't seen the movie yet.

  12. Thank you for the giveaway. Looks like a good read!


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