#ThrowbackThursday: Stephenie Meyer in Forks, Washington!

Throwback Thursday is the theme of the day! We share with you our adventures throughout book signings, world premieres, mall tours and many others.

A book began the bond of a lifetime...

Of course it isn't very much time but in the couple of minutes or so I had with her were amazing. I explained to her that originally I wasn't going to come this year, but that my hubby told me that if she were to announce she was going then we would make it work. And she said, "And here you are!" She said I had a good hubby for keeping his word! We talked about the other 2 times we had meet in the past, and she told me during SDCC 2012 and BD2 tent city and the premiere were like a blur to her.

Also I wasn't the only one there, my hubby and 3 kids also got to meet and talk with Stephenie as well. I am not sure what exactly was talked about with my younger 2 as they are 10 and 8. But they did know that she was the one who invented my twilight world and my love of reading. My oldest had meet her one other time as well, and they had their talk as well. My hubby was last and Stephenie told him he was a great hubby for keeping his word to bring me to Forks if she were to show up! My hubby thanked her for her writing twilight which made me LOVE to read and that reading was my hobby, and Stephenie said there is no better hobby then reading! I cannot wait to meet up with her again!

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