Giveaway: #DIVERGENT Series Audiobooks!

Here at OUat we want to continue the celebration the Allegiant March Madness! The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie will hit theaters nationwide March 18th. We thrilled to announced we will be at the red carpet tonight! HOW EXCITING?! And here at OUaT we are excited about March also because OUaT turns 6 years old this month too.

Are you ready for this giveaway?

We will be offering one reader of this site, all 3 Divergent series audiobooks (Beats headphones are not included). So you get Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant audiobooks. If you haven't read this series, this is a great way to start it and if you have already, this will be a completely different experience listening to the series.

Stay tune tonight as we tweet live from Allegiant red carpet!

Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win:

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  1. What was the most challenging part of becoming a member of a certain faction and their ways of thinking and roles in the new society?

  2. I haven't read the books so I really don't know that much about this series yet. I think I would would just ask them if they have read the series yet themselves. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

  3. was it hard to make that scene, where that shocking moment is happening in the last part?

    (Mariann Murvai)

  4. Did you enjoy doing all that physical stuff? Looked like hard work and that you would find muscles you didn't know you had ;).

  5. How hard it was to film in the enclosed tunnel spaces, would be my question.


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