ECCC Day 2!

So, after yesterday I thought today would be a piece of cake! I felt that I had found my parking garage...the one far from the convention center but close enough to walk. I thought I had everything down pat and had nothing to worry about....boy was I wrong. We got to Seattle at about 10:20. The panel I wanted to attend (Funko!) was at 11:15. Plenty of time, right? ....WRONG...
My friend and I ended up circling all of Seattle for an hour and a half before we finally found a spot. And of course we found a spot a block away from the was such a horrible start and had me stressing. Tomorrow I have an interview with one of my all time favorite authors (Mary E. Pearson) and it's at 11:15...I didn't get to the con until about 12:30 today.....I was dreading it.

Luckily I've decided tomorrow is my time to try the light rail. It only takes about 40 minutes to get from point A to point B, but it works. Here's hoping something doesn't go horribly wrong with that plan tomorrow either.

So. We got to the con at 12:30. Let me also tell you my friend? She's a trooper. She's working her full time job while going to this con. And her full time job schedule just so happens to be graveyard. So from 10pm-8am she's working and then she goes to the con with me. She goes and gets her sleep on our drive to and from the convention and she naps in the car. But she's been a big help with everything so I completely appreciate it.

So we get there at 12:30. We then realize that the next panel I want to see is at 1:30 - and it's with Ashley Eckstein who voices Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. This means that there will be a line for this panel. It will be a popular panel. So we go and sure enough there's already a line of about 50 or so people. So we get in line. But while in line we saw some awesome cosplayers, so it made the time go by quickly.

We soon were allowed to go in and take a seat in the panel room. Sarah was shocked at how big the panel room was, she was prepared for a tiny room like yesterday's panel for DC. Before the panel Ashley was taking pictures with people who were dressed like Ahsoka and it was adorable. I almost died from fangirling too hard.

After this Sarah and I went and ate lunch at this amazingly delicious Sushis bar (we had lunch there yesterday too...their Philly Roll is to die for...seriously delicious) called Blue C Sushi. While there I realized that it was basically time for us to get in line for the next panel I wanted to attend, I knew that Sarah needed a nap and I needed food so I decided to skip out on the next panel. So after lunch Sarah went and slept and I walked around the show floor for a little bit, before my amazing photo op! I was so glad that I did because I finally saw one of those inflatable t-rex costumes in person.

After this it was time for my photo op with Norman Reedus. So. I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead. I became a fan because I absolutely LOVE Norman Reedus. Boondock Saints is amazing, he was in Lady Gaga's Judas video. And he plays Daryl. The man I refuse to believe will ever die on The Walking Dead. So knowing this I bet you could guess how I dressed up to meet Norman.

Yup! I dressed as Daryl. And it was time for my photo op. I got in line about 20 minutes early and boy am I glad I did. His line was INSANELY long. I'm also glad I got his photo-op for the first day of his visit. I feel like the anticipation would be killing me! When they had us line up in front of the booth where the picture would be taking place we were all getting excited. Then we heard the front of the line start cheering, so I knew that Norman had probably just gone in. Norman - who I have now found out is a total sweetheart - peeked his head out down the booth to see all of his fans and wave at us. We all cheered and screamed and I realized just how excited I was to meet him. The line moved so slowly. When I met Matt Smith I thought the line went super fast, but this time it was killing me how slowly things were moving along. I finally got to the front of the line. I knew that I wanted to ask him for a hug in our picture because one thing I've always thought while watching The Walking Dead is that it looked like Daryl gave good hugs. So I wanted to get one! No one told me I couldn't ask for a hug (I was told I couldn't get a hug from Matt Smith when I met him) so I was like 'I'm doing it. Even if I'm nervous.' It was adorable because there was a couple in front of me, a woman in a wheelchair, and she was going to stand for the picture and so Norman helped her out of her wheelchair before their picture. It melted my heart. And then it was my turn. I walked up and asked if we could be hugging in the picture and Norman was like "Of course!" And he said it like how your Aunt would say it if you asked for a hug, like it was a no brainer. I had seen some of the previous girls go for the hug without asking and so he didn't know to situate his body for the picture right, but because I asked he angled his body towards me and gave me basically a full on hug without putting his other arm around me. 

Seriously though...check out that hug. He's got his arm wrapped around me and I've got my arms around him. Check out my smile...that smile is just pure joy radiating from me. Seriously I don't remember much after that. I know I thanked him. I'm pretty positive that he said You're welcome or something to that extent. But I was just too thrilled to have been hugging him. So I then went and got my picture from the printer. I had a girl come up to me while I was walking away and say "I just needed to tell you that, that is an AMAZING picture." And all I could think is She's totally right. This picture makes me so happy.

I knew meeting Norman would be the high light of this weekend. But now that it's happened I can definitely tell you that it is 100% the highlight of this weekend. Everything else will just be the cherry and sprinkles on the sundae that Norman Reedus has already created.'s hoping Day 3's start goes a little more smoothly than Day 2's went! 

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