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We just learned the amazing, joyful news that Tairina and myself got approved to cover MegaCon Orlando as press for Once Upon a Twilight, and for you all! We are beyond excited and simply can NOT wait to be there and see all the wonderful cosplays, attend panels with SO many celebs we absolutely love and fangirl over!

But, being the fangirls that we are, it was incredibly hard to choose which celebrities would be in our top 3 to meet at MegaCon Orlando. So, after much thinking and weighing how much love we have for each celebrity going, we finally were able to select the top 3 celebrities we are most looking forward to meeting.

Here goes:


I'm so excited to meet Carlos Valdes, aka Cisco from “The Flash”. I LOVE his character portrayal and sense of humor. I enjoy his enthusiasm for naming all the new super heroes and villains, and the thought he puts into it. But, most of all, I love his nerdy references about other fandoms and that he wears shirts from other shows, like “The Big Bang Theory”.

I'm also excited to meet Lena Headey, aka Cersei Lannister. Many people hate her character, but, to me, she's one of the best villains from “Game of Thrones”.

Many of you don't know, but I have a thing for villains AND also for Doctor Who. WHOVIAN FOREVER! I can't wait to meet Michelle Gomez, aka Missy, aka The Master.

I had a REAL hard time choosing just a top 3. I kept changing who I would pick (except for one) and I was able to finally make a list of my top 3…

John Barrowman. As a total Whovian (like Rixi said: WHOVIAN FOREVER!), I am incredibly excited to be able to meet our (other) favorite captain: Jack Harness. He was easily one of the best parts of the entire series of Doctor Who, and then, of course, of the spinoff series, Torchwood. To top this off, John is SUCH an awesome, kind, funny, and loving person IRL.

The actors from the cast of The Walking Dead. Ok, so I kind of cheated here, but I can’t just say I want to meet Norman Reedus (yes, you read right, NORMAN REEDUS) because I’d also love to meet Lennie James, aka Morgan, because not only is he part of my current favorite TV show, but he’s in the cast of my all time favorite movie, Snatch. And then we also have Tom Payne, one of the new additions to the cast this last season, also known as Jesus.

This is the one I never disputed would be my #1 celebrity I am most excited about meeting, Stan Lee. For the love all the geek gods, it is STAN LEE people. He should be crowned the king of geeks. I know Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick are also high in the royal ranks of nerds, but, to me, Stan Lee should be in the highest position, given that he created SO many of the characters we love now a days. Look at the list of guests in ANY con and you will see at least 2 (we know it’s way more) that belong to either a movie or TV show based on a character he created (for example, for MegaCon, Jon Bernthal and Elden Henson from Daredevil will be there). It will be my highest honor to be able to meet Stan Lee. I will make sure to bow to him ;)

Honorable Mentions
Since, as we said earlier, it’s incredibly hard to chose just 3 celebrities we want to meet, we had to include honorable mentions. What are those you ask? Those are other celebrities that didn’t make it to our top 3 but that would be incredibly amazing to meet as well, therefore, they deserved to be mentioned here.

Tairina’s Honorable Mentions
1) Stan Lee! I mean, he’s freaking STAN LEE!
2) Tom Felton. I mean, we are both Slytherins and I have a thing for villains
3) John Barrowman! He’s from Doctor Who and just fabulous!

Taimara’s Honorable Mentions
1) The actors from the cast of the Harry Potter films. Yes, I cheated again, but Harry Potter IS my favorite fandom (and the only tattoo I have, so far, is Potter related) and the fangirl inside of me can NOT contain her joy of just being near their presence!
2) Lena Heady. I freaking love this lady and her acting is amazing. Like she said in an interview: “If you are hating Cersei it’s because I am doing something right”. Not only is she gorgeous and elegant and cool, but I cosplayed as Cersei for one of the themed comedy shows at my friends’ studio. I would love NOTHING more but to meet her while dressed as Cersei!
3) Ming-Na Wen. I love, love, love Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ming-Na plays one of my favorite characters, Agent May. She’s SUCH a badass and it would be AWESOME to meet her!

For more information, such as tickets, the full guest list, etc., check out the MegaCon website!

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