Book News: Lara Adrian's Defy the Dawn + Surprise

For all Lara Adrian fans, the author shared a note on delay and a surprise because of that delay in publishing Defy the Dawn.

Note from Lara Adrian:
Hi, everyone!

I can't believe it's nearly May already. I know you're eager to hear more about Defy the Dawn, and I'll get to that--and something all-new on the way--further in this message. First, I want to fill you in on some personal news I have not shared publicly. (Sorry, it's long. What can I say? I'm a novelist!)

I am very fortunate to have found the love of my life thirty years ago. Anyone who knows me knows I adore my husband, John. He's my best friend, my personal hero, and the strongest, most amazing man I have ever known. It's really no wonder I write romance novels, because I have the privilege of living my happy-ever-after each and every day.

So, imagine my panic when last year--literally two days after my mom died--John came home from a post office run, telling me that he felt extremely weak and feared he was going to pass out. He took his blood pressure and discovered it was dangerously low. As was his heartbeat, which was in the 30s per minute.

We rushed him to the ER, where he spent the night for monitoring and testing. They concluded his heart was strong, but his electrical system was not. The cardiologist told him the odds were good that he'd need a pacemaker in the not too distant future. He was right. In February, John got the device installed. I'm happy to report he's doing great now, but it was a scary bunch of months for us, before and after.

As wakeup calls like this tend to do, it's convinced us to make some changes and quit putting off plans we've been setting aside for "someday" - because life is precious, and it's never as long as we hope it will be. For John and me, those plans will include trading New England winters for a permanent home on the beach in Florida! My dad expects to relocate nearby as well, and we're all looking forward to starting a sunny new chapter in our lives.

Now, don't think all of this means I haven't been writing! Defy the Dawn is on the way (although delayed from my anticipated Spring timeframe) and I've also got a big surprise release that I'm bumping up earlier than planned to make up for the missed deadline on Defy.

Please read on for all of the release info and the exclusive cover reveal that you're seeing before anyone else!

Defy the Dawn
Midnight Breed Series #14
Author: Lara Adrain
eBook Release: Spring 2016
Paperback release: Spring 2016
Audiobook Release: TBA 2016
An immortal warrior must decide between loyalty to his people and desire for a beautiful Breed female determined to bring a powerful enemy to justice at any cost, in this new novel in the "steamy and intense" (Publishers Weekly) Midnight Breed vampire romance series from New York Timesand #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian.

Virtual Signing
There will be a Virtual Signing for print copies of Defy the Dawn, which will open for orders on Lara Adrian's website as soon as she is certain of the new release date.

Now for the surprise!!!

Release Date: May 24th 2016

From Lara Adrian:
Are you ready for something hot? You may recall a brief mention in this newsletter last year about a new contemporary erotic romance trilogy I've been working on.

I've been sitting on the first book, For 100 Days, for a while now, the plan being to publish it in the summer. Since I'm disappointing many of you who were waiting for a new Midnight Breed book in May, I've decided to release this new novel in its place! :)

I'll tell you more about this sexy (non-paranormal) romance novel and the 100 Series in a special email next week. For now, feast your eyes on that beautiful cover!

If you'd like to reserve your copy of the eBook version now--and save $1 off the regular retail price--you'll find pre-order links at the following booksellers:

Please note: If your preferred retailer is not among the pre-order buttons above, look for the book to release on May 24, 2016 at all major retailers in both eBook and trade paperback.

German readers, look for this book to release September 1 from Egmont LYX! Pre-order open now at

Virtual Signing
There will be a Virtual Signing for print copies of For 100 Days in August, as part of the VS for Defy the Dawn. Unfortunately, I can't do it earlier for this book, as I will be in the process of moving when it releases.

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