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The Enforcers series #2
Author: Maya Banks
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Romance
Released: May 3rd 2016
Review Source: Berkley

The desire that exploded in Mastered continues its conflagration in Dominated—from the New York Times bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy.

To save her, he had to betray her...

In Drake’s shadowy world, his enemies would exploit any weakness he had in order to bring him to his knees, and so he’s never allowed himself to care about anyone...never exhibited any vulnerability, and it made him a force to be reckoned with. Until Evangeline—his angel. A woman who slipped past his defenses like no one had ever managed. She was his to protect and ultimately, to do that, he had to do the unthinkable and drive the only good thing in his world away.

But he will stop at nothing to get her back...

Devastated and destroyed, Evangeline doesn’t know what made Drake turn on her in such a shocking manner. She only knows she’ll never be the same. He once freed her from all her inhibitions, only now she is a prisoner to never-ending pain. But when Drake finds her again, she realizes there is more to his world than she ever imagined, and she must decide if she can once more trust—and submit—to the man who holds her wounded heart in his hands. And he must convince her of just how far he’ll go to regain her love and forgiveness.

This is an Adult romance novel recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and mature subject matter.

Dominated is the sequel to Mastered and we find out that Drake finally finds Evangeline in a run down hotel. Things are different after his hurtful words to Evangeline that caused her to leave him. So at every turn he treats her as if she is glass and about to break. Evangeline is at a place that she wants things to go back to how they were before that one horrible night happened. Things get better but trust will be tested between Drake and Evangeline. It will be a battle and at the end they will either notice if they are meant to be together or separated.

Dominated was a roller coaster ride. Drake goes from lacking that love he first felt to searching for a new spark with Evangeline. It was such a emotional ride. I didn't know whether  he will ever trust Evangeline (vise versa). He was so afraid she will betray him. It was a nice change to the story and I loved how he comes to conclusions that even if she had betrayed him he would still forgive her, no matter what. He realized he cannot live without her and his life is miserable without her. As for Evangeline, it was great reading how she will forgive herself. Knowing there is a man that will love her no matter the circumstance is a great feel. This felt so real as love is indeed a work in process arrangement.

I loved Dominated as much as Mastered! Its such a great sequel and fans should not worry. With a badass boss and woman who will do whatever it takes to satisfied him, this read will have you fanning yourself. Although it contains extremely sexy time, the plot and story was very interesting and very real. There are some sad heart wrenching moments but every love story has its moments until the couple can see that there is full trust between the two. Added with some great long lasting friendships between Evangeline and Drakes, this is a perfect story to fall in love with. A big adopted family of sorts. Trust me, add Mastered to your TBR list and you will enjoy this ride.

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“Find her,” Drake said harshly, the nights without sleep evident in his haggard appearance. “This is your only priority, your only job. Find her and bring her back to me.”
He’d gathered his sentinels. The only men in his inner circle, a tight band of men—brothers—his partners in business and the only men he trusted with his life—and Evangeline’s.
The only men he’d allow to see him at his lowest, unguarded. Vulnerable. Nothing mattered to him. Not exposing his weakness. Not allowing his iron control that had maintained him through most of his life to slip. They all knew that Evangeline was . . . special. All important. And they, like him, liked her. Respected her.
And they were all pissed. At him.
“Goddamn it, Drake,” Maddox hissed out. “How could you do it? There had to be another way.”
“There was no other goddamn way and you know it!” Drake barked, fury and helplessness eating him alive, gutting him until there was nothing left but a soulless shell of a man standing helplessly in front of his brothers begging for their help.
Looks were exchanged. Some of sympathy, some of resignation as they realized Drake was right, and still others of quiet fury that Evangeline had been treated—betrayed—in such a despicable manner.
Goddamn useless woman. Can’t even give good head. Your only use is in my bedroom.
His cruel words sliced through his mind, a jagged cut making him bleed all over again, a vicious reminder of the unforgivable things he’d said to her. All in the effort to convince the fucking Luconis she meant nothing to him.
When in fact, she was his goddamn world. And she was gone.
He couldn’t blame her. He’d devastated her. Had ripped her to shreds until she was bleeding from the verbal wounds he’d inflicted. And Jesus, his physical treatment of her. No, the only person at fault was himself.
Silas had remained silent, his features carved in stone, but his eyes were a dead giveaway in a man who usually gave away nothing at all.
“She didn’t deserve this,” Silas said in his quiet voice. But then he never had to raise his voice to make his point. When he spoke, others instinctively ceased talking and listened to him. He was a man who commanded authority and respect.
“No, she didn’t,” Drake said hoarsely. “Don’t you think I know that? Do you think a single night goes by that I don’t replay the image of her broken, in utter despair, her tears—goddamn it, her tears—and worse, her fear. Of me. Of her humiliation. Her absolute belief in every insult, every word I hurled her way in an effort to make sure the goddamn Luconis never suspected what she meant to me. I’ll never forget. As long as I live, I’ll never forget that night.”
His tone grew savage, fury radiating from him like a beacon.
“She could be anywhere out there. Alone. Afraid. Her parents haven’t heard from her. And those bitches she called her best friends . . .” He broke off and had to visibly compose himself.
He and Maddox had gone there first only to discover that they hadn’t heard from her either. Except . . . Lana had admitted that Evangeline had called that day, the day she’d planned to visit them. To reconcile. And that she’d told her not to come. Guilt had been reflected in the eyes of all her “friends.”
It was then that Drake had understood that she’d never planned to execute her surprise to him, hadn’t lied to him in order to set up her playing hostess for him. She’d been hurt by her friends’ rejection, and so she’d turned to the one true thing in her life, seeking his approval, needing it, because she had no one else.

Posted by arrangement with Berkley Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © Maya Banks, 2016.

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels. A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.


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  2. I love her KGI series and historical romance books!

    Betul E.

  3. I havent read any of her books but im looking forward to reading this one!


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