Book Review: Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry

Chasing Impossible (Pushing the Limits, #5)
Chasing Impossible
Pushing the Limits #5
Author: Katie McGarry
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: July 1st 2016
Review Source: Bought

Tough and independent, 17-year-old Abby lets very few people into her inner circle. It’s common knowledge in her Kentucky town that she deals drugs, but not even her closest friends know why. But when a deal goes south and Abby’s suddenly in danger, she finds herself reluctantly forced to lean on daredevil Logan—a boy whose restless spirit matches her own.

Logan has his own reasons for wanting to keep Abby at arms’ length. But he never expected to find in her the one person who might help him face the demons he’s tried so hard to run from.

Together, Abby and Logan will have to make a decision: let their current circumstances weigh them down forever…or fight for the future they both thought was impossible.

Even though I've had Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry on my iBooks for over a year now I just couldn't bring myself to read it. You might be wondering be saying “Why?!?! It's an amazing story so why hasn't Andy read it yet?!” Well, I always like to space out my Katie books because I get so emotionally attached to her characters that it’s sometimes so hard to let them go. Sometimes the wait in-between each book is tortures that I need something to hold me over until the next. That is where Chasing Impossible comes into play. 

Abby has always been one of the key secondary characters that has always stood out to me. I would absolutely hound Katie on Twitter over when we would finally be getting Abby’s story. Abby was always so secretive in all the things she did. She loved her friends with such fierceness, but would hide behind a mask. Logan, *swooooooooon*, he was hiding his own secrets, but you would’ve never guessed by the way he acts. Taking risk and living life to the fullest is what you think when someone mentions Logan. I'm honestly so emotionally drained after finishing Chasing Impossible. The more I read Abby and Logan's story the more I couldn't stop crying. The issues they were both facing felt so raw and real. I instantly felt so drawn to them. 

Katie is honestly one of my favorite authors. I have yet to read one of her books and not be instantly attached to her characters. The way she writes makes you feel like you are going through those tough choices with them, you are standing right beside them when something terrifies them and most of all you hurt when they hurt.Chasing Impossible has definitely been my favorite 2016 read so far. I'm so mad at myself for not reading it earlier. Don't make my same mistake, buy Chasing Impossible and dive into Abby and Logan's incredible story.

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