Book Review: The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

The Close You Come
Original Hearbreakers Series #1
Author: Gena Showalter
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: 31st March 2015
Review Source: Harlequin | Netgalley

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter introduces the Original Heartbreakers, where three not-quite-reformed bad boys are about to meet the women who will bring them to their knees.

Just released from prison, Jase Hollister has a dark and twisted past. And now, he has only one goal: stay out of trouble. Strawberry Valley, Oklahoma, sounds like the perfect place for him and his two brothers-by-circumstance to settle down and live a nice, simple life. But model citizen isn’t exactly this rugged bachelor’s default setting—especially when it comes to a certain hot-blooded Southern beauty…

Brook Lynn Dillon has always been responsible. Not that it’s done her much good. The down-on-her-luck waitress is broke, single and fun-deprived. Until Jase comes along. He is dangerous, stunningly protective, breathtakingly sexy and as tempting as sin, and the passion sizzling between them is undeniable. But can it melt her resistance? After all, the right kind of trouble might be just what they both need.

I feel like I repeat myself on every Gena Showalter novel, but what can I say, the woman is my hero. The Closer You Come was a fabulous first installment to the Original Heartbreakers series. I originally read this book a while ago but thought nothing of it to review it, then I realised something...this is the first series by one of my favourite authors which isn't paranormally involved. We've had immortal possessed demons, reject angels, zombie fighters, three individual series connected by aliens, awesome fantasy series', mythological creatures and humans with superpowers but no raw, "normal" contemporary.

I enjoyed The Closer You Come as much as any of the authors novels. We got a glimpse of the upcoming characters from The One You Want #0.5 and I was very happy that Jase was the star of this book. Jase has just been released from prison and is trying to make a life for himself after almost a decade behind bars. Him and his two best friends move to a small town in Oklahoma. He wants to bury his past, set his routes and attempt to make life for himself-something he could never do before.

Brook has lived in Strawberry Valley her whole life. Life is hard for Brook. In between a reckless sister, Jessie Kay, who not only causes Brook Lynn a lot of grief and makes it hard for her to hold down a job, but being her sisters only living family member left it makes Brook Lynn's responsibility to keep her sister safe, even when she spends all free time partying in bars and drinking herself into oblivion.

The characters were so much fun to get to know. The author has a crafty sense of humour, keeping my smiling at the pages. Jase and Brook Lynn's exchanges were fun, cute and compatible like two peas in a pod. The slow build of their relationship and tensions kept me on my toes, and it was well worth the wait when things kicked into gear and they got together.

Fans of Gena Showalter will love this additional series. It's different from what the author usually writes but just as delicious. The Closer You Come was fun, sexy, sweet with a dash of suspense. It's a definite recommended read.

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