Friday Movie Night: The Light Between Oceans Movie Night Recap

How to spend a Friday night? By hosting a movie night! Thanks to Disney, who sent us a free movie package for The Light Between Oceans, Once Upon a Twilight invited some of our girls from South Florida for a gathering to host this movie. It's funny how it actually turned out to be. Not only were we heading to Universal Studio for Harry Potter Celebration but we were going to host this heartbreaking movie. It was the perfect gateaway for us and we greatly appreciate for being involved.

Once we arrived our destination, our "Harry Potter Castle", according to AirBnB, we were ready to start our movie night. As part of the surprise, we decided to open the box once we reached our rental and cozy up into our pajamas. When we finally did open our package, we were amazed by our package. Disney do not play. They know how to go all out. We were provided candles, tea, slippers, much needed tissues and of course the movie.

As we prepared to start the movie, we pure some wine to our glasses and began the movie. Needless to say, wine and sad movies do not mix. We were all crying, debating what is right and let's say comparing the movie to the book.... What can I say, we are bookworms! Based on a bestselling novel by M.L. Stedman, The Light Between Oceans tells the story of Tom Sherbourne who falls in love with Isabel. Tom is a lighthouse keeper on a remote island and within we see his early stages of his romance with Isabel. Most importantly the story of her miscarriages.

With Isabel's second miscarriage, comes a miracle or not, but boat washes ashore carrying a dead man and a crying baby. Isabel's heartbroken but with the new incomer, she begs Tom to keep the baby girl instead of reporting her to the authorities. As you may have guessed, Tom and Isabel end up meeting the biological mother and they are forced to make a decision that will change them forever.

Needless to say The Light Between Oceans is a very powerful story that will break your heart. Guilt is as strong as love and will drive you into an emotion roller coaster. So if you decide to check this movie out, which I recommend that you do, be sure to have tissues.

Thank you Disney for this package and the movie. Our Friday Movie Night was successful.

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