Book Review: The White Road of the Moon by Rachel Neumeier

25742874The White Road of The Moon
Author: Rachel Neumeier
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Released: March 14th 2017 
Review Source: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Leigh Bardugo meets The Sixth Sense in this story of one girl’s perilous journey to restore a lost order.

Imagine you live with your aunt, who hates you so much she’s going to sell you into a dreadful apprenticeship. Imagine you run away before that can happen. Imagine that you can see ghosts—and talk with the dead. People like you are feared, even shunned.

Now imagine…the first people you encounter after your escape are a mysterious stranger and a ghost boy, who seem to need you desperately—though you don’t understand who they are or exactly what they want you to do. So you set off on a treacherous journey, with only a ghost dog for company. And you find that what lies before you is a task so monumental that it could change the world.

The White Road of the Moon is about a girl who wants more of her life, she doesn't want to be stuck helping someone wash clothes. When Meridy finds out that her aunt is going to sell her she leaves everything behind and encounters the adventure of her life with the help of a ghost dog.

Meridy is known as a witch, she can see and talk to ghosts.  As her mother died years ago, Meridy really didn't have knowledge of her witchery skills and since her aunt hated Meridy so much, she burned her mothers scrolls and anything involving witchery. 

Meridy was very resourceful, instead of being scared of the unknown, she kept walking forward instead of turning back. I like that Meridy was figuring herself out along the way and that she took chances and made friends with people who actually cared for her and her well being.  

The White Road of the Moon was an enjoyable read and I hope we get a sequel because I would love to know more about these characters and their adventures. 

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