Stan Lee's Last Appearance in Florida will be at @MegaConOrlando

What geek (and non-geek) now a days doesn't know who Stan Lee is? I mean, the man is a living legend and an great example of a person. He's only the creator (along with other artists) of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four, Thor, X-Men, and the list goes on. Not to mention he is also an actor, producer, writer, editor, publisher, and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics -which is now basically an empire.

In the nerd world, Stan Lee is admired and revered. For many of us, to be in his presence is an honor and a dream. When I attended MegaCon last year, my brother and I had that honor and I have a picture to prove it.

MegaCon Orlando is having Stan Lee attend this year again. BUT this will be his last appearance in Florida, ever. So, if you are in the state, or are planning on going down to Orlando, this is your last chance to meet the legend himself.

To get either a photo-op or autograph with/of him, it's $120 (each).

I'm still not sure if I will be getting another pic with him this year, but I will for sure I will be attending his panel, since I missed it last year.

I look forward to being in his presence once more and be able to hear him talk about his experience and the rise of Marvel.

Who else is going to MegaCon? Go get your tickets before they run out!

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