Friday Movie Night: A Dog's Purpose Recap #ADogsPurposeMovie

A Dog's Purpose
Director: Lasse Hallström
Writers: W. Bruce Cameron (novel), Cathryn Michon (screenplay)
Starring: Britt Robertson, Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid
Official Socials: Site | Facebook | Twitter | IMDb
Hashtag: #ADogsPurpose
A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

What's the best thing to do on a Friday night? Watch a movie with your loved one and your very best fury baby. Thanks to Universal Studios, who sent over a copy of A Dog's Purpose we had the perfect Friday night planned out. Little did my dog Eleanor know that I was going to hold her a little tighter tonight. 

(Eleanor really got into this movie, she wanted me to take notes)

We got our popcorn popped, got comfortable on the couch and threw the movie in the bluray player. A Dog's Purpose begins with Ethan rescuing a dog from a hot car and then later adopting him as his own. Bailey, or as he was called often in the movie, Bailey Bailey Bailey. You got to witness the love and devotion a dog has for his owner, how they'll literally do anything and everything to make them smile. Bailey was there for Ethan's first kiss, there for his football games, and saved him from a life threatening event. Bailey was attached to Ethan's side at all times, until Bailey was too old to do so. 

(Eleanor said "No selfies Mom, I'm trying to watch a movie here)

A Dog's Purpose follows one soul, through many dog's lives; Bailey, Ellie, Tino and Buddy. While I absolutely adored this movie, it most definitely made me cry, a lot. I held my Eleanor a little tighter (she may have been a tad annoyed by it) and knew I had something special with my fur baby. A dog may be man's best friend but they are a women's kick ass sidekick. She feeds on my emotions and all the crying I did during this movie made her a tad concerned but then I gave her a snack and she got over being worried about me quickly. 

For being an avid book reader and a lover or adaptations I've realized early on that movies will not follow the book 100% like I would have wanted. Since that is something I have come to terms with and accepted over time, I try my best to keep them separated. I try and appreciate the changes and additions, some I could have done without in the movie, but overall I still loved both. Obviously I will always believe the book is better (with a couple exceptions) since you have more time to dive into a story. I wish the ending wasn't changed from the book to movie since it kind of changed the overall message, but both still ended beautifully in my opinion. 

So thank you Universal Studios for a copy of A Dog's Purpose. It made me laugh, smile, and shed quiet a few tears. It was such a touching story and made you appreciate your dog even more, or made you want to get one, or like in my case want another one. Give me all the puppies. 

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  1. Great review and how perfect to watch the movie with your best friend. I adored this book and found the movie pretty good. I read the book so long ago that I didn't realize the ending of the movie was different.


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