#BossBaby Movie Night! #BossBabyHE

The Boss Baby was the perfect pick of the night. Since a friend recently moved to a new place and her nephews and niece around, this is the movie that kept them quiet while we adult into the new place. Don't worry even though they were the one watching... we were the ones paying more attention to this hysterical movie.

Timothy Templeton has it all. He has a loving family that dedicate their time to him. He is indeed loved by his parent but things start to fall when there is a new addition to the family... Although this baby looks like a normal baby, he talks like a full grown adult who is conducting a secret mission. Timothy is not thrilled about the arrival of this "boss baby" because his parents do not have his full attention like what he is used to. But soon he learns the truth. This baby is there to stop the launch of a new product from Puppy Co., which would limit the amount of love for babies. As jealousy strives, Tim agrees to help Boss Baby so he can leave so his parents can love him the way they used to.

The Boss Baby is such a fun and funny movie. It captures the joy of being a kid and the meaning of a family. It shows the rivalry between brothers and how silly one can be with jealousy conducting the its jealous. But no matter what, the love of a family overcomes everything. It's seriously funny and I loved it dearly! A great movie to spend time with the family.

Don't forget to get your copy of The Boss Baby, you'll be happy at the end!

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