ARC Book Review: Devil's Redemption by Natasha Knight

Devil's Redemption
Devil's Pawn Duet #2
Author: Natasha Knight
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Mafia Romance
Released: March 15th 2022
Review Source: Provided by author | ARC


Just when I was beginning to trust my husband, he betrayed me.

Just when I thought I was falling in love he showed me the beast he truly is.

I understand his thirst for revenge. But I don’t want to play this game of pawn and puppet master.

No matter how his hands make my heart race and my body crave his devil’s touch, I won’t give in.

I love his daughter.

But I can’t let myself fall in love with her father.


I have exactly what I want. Revenge.

Soon everything the Bishops have will be mine.

But it will cost me more than I bargained.

Isabelle Bishop hates me. As she should.

I know what I am. And now she does too.

But falling in love with my wife was never part of my plan.

Devil's Redemption picks up straight after the cliffhanger in book one. Just as Isabella was starting to soften towards her captor and husband - despite his questionable methods of dealing with her - that all falls to ruin when she finds out how much be betrayed her, forcing her into a decision she wouldn't have made otherwise.

Jericho is the most infuriating man ever, in a typical Mafia man way, but he was also charming and his character grows on me a lot throughout this book. His revenge plans fade away once he realises he loves his wife, however there's a lot of damage already done between their relationship. His inner demons demand revenge, but Jericho loves Isabelle and wants to start his life with her. 

Devil's Redemption is full of secrets, misunderstandings and brick walls separating the husband and wife from truly finding their happily ever after with their baby on the way. Although there were moments when I wanted to bang their heads together, I enjoyed their journey from enemies to lovers to forever.

This duology is set in the same world as The Society Trilogy however you do not have to read The Society to enjoy Isabelle and Jericho's journey. If you enjoy mafia romances and the pregnancy trope, then this duet is for you.

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