Cover Revealed: Passion

Author: Lauren Kate
Pages: 384 pgs
Reading Level: YA

Yesterday the cover to Lauren Kate's next book in The Fallen Series was released. This is the 3rd book for the series. Passion will be released on June 14th 2011.

My thoughts: I think it great they gave the cover some color. All the covers for this series are wonderful really! With a title like passion, makes you wonder if finally the relationship between Luce and Daniel will Shine! 


  1. Loving the cover! One can hope that Lucy and Daniel will finally be together. Good series

  2. I'm torn when I look at this cover. On the one hand, it is beautiful and I love the use of color. On the other hand, I don't like that we can see her face and the cool tones of purple, gray, & black give such a haunting feeling to the books, which bring them together as a series, are missing.

    I think that her head should be down more and the color should have been kept to the rose only. But it is still gorgeous!


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