Reading Nook of the Week: Once Upon a Twilight

Hi there so today marks the 1st day of this new meme we started here. This will be a meme were every week a different blogger or Author or really anyone can show us the special sitting area where you just love to do all your reading. So to start things off we will feature my (Yara) favorite place to read.

So there you have my place of Zen. If I tweet that Im reading and its nighttime this is where Im sitting or laying down reading those books you see to the right. I just can't go to sleep without reading. Plus there is something very comforting about having all those books very close to me. I really need to get more shelving to pick them up from the floor. Most of those on the floor are my signed hard covers or ARC's. My boys sometimes sit in front of this area and just look at all my books. My oldest one time ask me if he could keep his Diary of a Wimpy Kids series with my books,Cute right?

So I hope you enjoyed this new meme and we will see you next week when we bring you another special Nook. 


  1. Hey, that's similar to my reading nook as well! I love to read in bed!

  2. good minds think alike! just like my spot :o)
    I wish my hubby would let me keep my books by me.

  3. Looks just like my spot. Allmy book piled next to the bed, I really should get a book shelf but it would loose it's charm! :)

  4. Great meme idea - I must be the only one who doesn't read in bed! Can't wait to see other spots too!

  5. Very cool!!! I'm in a new apartment so I've been reading all over the house, but would love to submit a picture to you one day for this meme!

  6. That's where I do most of my reading too :)

    You won a award on my blog!


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