Book Review: The Mating

The Mating
The Law of the Lycans #1
Author: Nicky Charles
Pages: 216 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Published: February 23rd 2010
Review Source: Free eBook

I was lucky to have come across this book on ibooks on my iPad, and boy was I glad that I read it. What an amazing story. It was funny, suspenseful, sad, and erotic. My kind of book and it was FREE!! The characters are very well described and the chemistry between the main characters are incredible. The way the author portrayed Elise and the decisions she needed to make for an alliance makes you think if you would have made the same decision, how would it have turned out. The story kept you on the edge with all the clues and suspicions having you become Sherlock Holmes to try and discover who, what, when, where and why everything is happening. I am thrilled that there is a sequel to this wonderful story called " The Keeping" (in which I have already downloaded) and will be reading this story next. Stay tuned for the review. I highly recommend this book to all of my Werewolf lovers!!!
Elise is a werewolf, youngest daughter to the Alpha in her pack and in love with Bryan. Life couldn't be better, until she's called upon by her father and when she arrives to meet him is told that she has been chosen to mate with an Alpha from a completely different pack for the sake of an alliance. Once the mating is done, she has to leave the only pack she'd ever know and join a new pack with her new mate, a complete stranger. Betrayals, schemes, agendas, vendetta's and lies is everything that she encounters with her new pack. Will she be able to maintain her relationship with her new mate or will it all come crashing down?? You'll just have to read it to find out!!!!!!! 

Summary: (from goodreads) Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn. 

EXCERPT: She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done. They were mated. It didn't matter that she had no love for him nor he for her. Political alliances were more important than feelings, or so she had been told. That fact was cold comfort right now as her heart broke within her. 

A novel of romantic suspense. Adult content.


  1. omgoodness I loved this book...there is 2 more in this series. the 3rd one just came out. Next is The Keeping and then The Finding. sooo good. I just downloaded The Finding today. go to to get them. the author has another book called Forever in Time that is really good.

  2. OMG that's awesome i will be downloading "The Finding" today and will search for the other one! Thanks!


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