Reading Nook of the Week: Andrea at Loud Words and Sounds!

Reading Nook of the Week

Today we have the pleasure of bring you another great Reading Nook of the week. Andrea from Loud Words and Sounds blog is stopping by today. 

Andrea: I have two places I like to read, actually three if you count the floor. But the first one is on my bed curled up in my music note blanket or under the sheets, with my nook or one of my favorite books. And my second semi-favorite spot to read is my circle chair in the corner of my room, with some of those funky bead pillows and a quilt to help back the chair, making a fun funky place to read. My room has a lot of light so it's ideal and also quiet for reading compared to the rest of the house.

What great pictures! Yes you can see all the great light that flows. Im loving some of your book choices there. Thank you for letting us in and seeing your favorite places to read. Make sure you stop by Andrea's blog and say hello! Andrea has a great post now called Creative Stories and its by one of my favorite authors you might want to check out. 


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