Cover Revealed: Surrender

Surrender by Lee Nichols Cover Reveal

Today a few of us bloggers will be revealing the cover for Lee Nichols next book in her Emma Haunting series. Each blog will feature a piece of the cover then at 3PM EST, you can visit Good Choice Reading for the full cover reveal. 

Lee Nichols is giving a chance to one lucky person to win all 3 books in the series signed by her. Each blog will have a form for you to fill out so you can be entered in the giveaway. All you have to do is visit everyone in the cover reveal and fill out the form. The winner will be announced Monday. CLICK HERE to enter.

Here are all the participating blogs:

Lee Nichols answered a question for each blog participating. Here is our question.

OUaT: If you can pick a character from any book you’ve ever read, and change their story, who would that be and why? 

That's a tricky one. I do think unhappy endings can be satisfying. However, in a Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, I wish that Sydney Carton ended up with Lucie, instead of headed for the guillotine. One of the original love triangles. I'm definitely Team Carton. But without that sacrifice, it probably wouldn't have been as good a book.

So are you ready to see a piece of the cover? well here it is:

Oohhh! Well I guess you can guess who will be on the cover once again. Love to hear what you think.


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  2. Oh, I just love her answer to your question. Okay, biased I guess since she mentioned A Tale of Two Cities. ☺ Anyway, I also once wished Carton ended up with Lucie. *sniff* I just read the sneak bits for the upcoming book from her site and I'm bitten :D On my next payday, I'll ask the book shop for Deception and Betrayal. Thanks for these. ☺


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