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And were back for some more bookish news!

I noticed that the cover for Lauren DeStefano's next book in The Chemical Garden series revealed a cover. Fever which is #2 in the series, will release February 21st 2012. 
You can visit The Chemical Garden website and read a excerpt from Fever, CLICK HERE. If you are not aware of this series or havent read Wither. What are you waiting for, this is one of my favorite reads of this year. You can read my 5 trees review HERE. If I had to chose which cover I like best from both books, I would chose Wither.

Also those that are fans of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. We are all anticipating the movie next year. Entertainment Weekly released a issue with Gale and Peeta on the cover. 
What do you all think? Liam (Gale) will take a bit getting used to in his dark locks. Josh (Peeta) actually does a good representation of Peeta. I'm one that very excited to see this film and see all the great actors that were chosen to play each part come together. 

Also wanted to give a heads up on a Blog tour that I will be hosting very soon in the month of September. The tour will be for Lani Woodland's second book in The Yara Silva Trilogy. 
Indelible Blog Tour will run from September 5th until September 30th. Look for Reviews, Interviews and much more of course. Indelible releases on September 27th. That day I will host a live chat with Lani on the blog. So don't miss the tour. 
Here is a list of blogs that will be participating on the tour. 

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  1. I love the cover to wither, and the new one is cool too nice way to use a unicorn

    i know alot of peeps who are counting down till the movie its the movie of 2012 and even though I was kinda skeptic about Josh being Peeta after this cover I am no more thinking badly of him, its what Peeta would look like plus that stance is helping my peetapocket brain

    looking forward to the tour also

  2. Yay thanks for all the amazing news. Super excited. I totally need to read Wither and the Hunger Games Trilogy.


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