Once Upon a Signing: Amber from Me, My Shelf and I

Once Upon a Book Signing!

Today we welcome Amber from Me, My Shelf and I blog. Let see who she has gone to see at a book signing.

My First Book Signing. Ever:

You might think this story will begin way, way back but in actuality it's just a year or so old. The day after my 25th....*ah-hem!* OK, OK!.....31st birthday, I got to meet not one, not two but ALL THREE Merry Sisters of Fate: Maggie Steifvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yavanoff. I had an arm full of books, and a giddy fan-girl swarm of butterflies in my tummy. Luckily for me, you couldn't meet 3 nicer, more down to earth gals then this trio and I was quickly able to ditch to tummy flutters. Maggie doodled in my book a picture of a wolf, Brenna signed mine Happy Birthday and Tessa, who was with out a book yet to sign, autographed a print out of her cover (that my friend Amy was smart enough to make) They hung out and chatted with myself and my pals, took numerous photos and all promised to come back soon....we're holding them to that! Best first book signing ever!

First Signing As A Blogger:

I'm still pretty new to this book blogging world, and when I got my first galley I think I about cried. Seriously. It was like a rite of passage or something. One of the first batch of galleys I got had A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford in it. I read it, I loved it and then decided I would now be her stalker. As a good stalked I first consulted her on this, she agreed and we now have a very nice stalker/stalkee relationship. She revealed she was joining the Dark Days of Supernatural tour coming to my area and I knew that I needed new shirt for the occasion. Not something you can buy, something I would have to make...so I whipped up a t-shirt with my favorite quote from ATM: "The Waters Not even Blue Jack Ass". Via Twitter, Leah found out and said she would bring gifts to anyone who made a shirt....not only that night did I get autographs from amazing authors like Claudia Grey, Courtney Allison Moulton, Kimberly Derting and Leah Clifford of course but I helped make Leah's FIRST signing ever memorable and scored some kick butt earnings from her as well!

Thank you for sharing with us these memorable signings. The pictures are great. Nice job on the T-shirt too. Make sure to stop on by and say hello to Amber at Me, My Shelf and I blog. She has some great reviews and giveaway you can catch up on. 

Me, My Shelf and I

If you would like for your book signing to be featured on the blog, then send me a EMAIL with 1-3 pictures and a blurb.

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