Pens! Camera! ACTION!: Delirium - Fallen - Vampire Academy - Divergent

Pens! Camera! ACTION!

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TV News for Delirium: We all found out recently that Delirium would be getting recording a pilot for TV. The latest on that is the Emma Roberts (Julia Robert's niece) got casted to be main lead of Lena. This was reported on Entertain Weekly HERE.

This really gets me all kinds of excited, I love the Delirium series. So its a wonderful day when one of your favorite series gets picked to be TV show (crossing fingers the pilot is a hit). So a big Thank you FOX for picking up this series from Lauren Oliver.

What do you think of Emma Roberts being casted as Lena?  Who do you think would be the perfect Alex?

Movie news for Fallen: Yes you heard that right. Fallen is headed towards the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter shared the news HERE. Director Scott Hicks is in final talks to direct Lauren Kate's book. Kathryn Price and Nicole Millard have adapted a screenplay in what Mayhem and IF Entertainment hope to be the beginning of a new popular film franchise. They are hoping it can be the next Twilight.

So are you excited to see Fallen in theaters? Who would you cast as Luce or Daniel?

Movie news for Vampire Academy: This news has been a long time coming. May of us even gave up at some point that it would happen. So I know this was a very welcome surprise to many fan's of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series. 

The news that was reported by Deadline HERE. "Reliance Entertainment and IM Global are co-financing the first installment of a new film franchise based on the six-volume Richelle Mead young adult novel series that will come to the screen as Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters." Yup you read that right, they are giving the film version a name change: Blood Sisters. I think the name works for the film. 

Also with this news the 3 main characters of Vampire Academy were casted and announced at the same time. Zoey Deutch will play Rose, Lucy Fry will play Lissa and Danila Kozlovski will play Dimitri. This is one cast that I believe they nailed right from the start. Preger Entertainment is who made all this happen. Reliance will finance the film and sister company IM Global’s Ford is handling foreign sales and will broker domestic.

Movie news on Divergent: Summit Enterintment has added Divergent to their movie website. Can't get any more official than that. They have even design a logo, not sure if this will be the official logo or if we will see a updated look later on. 

Divergent is set to release in theaters on March 21st, 2014. This is one red carpet that Once Upon a Twilight will not miss (Vampire Academy too). Summit Entertainment has also given Divergent an official Twitter and Facebook page too. So check those out for the latest on Divergent. See the Summit Divergent logo below:

Tomorrow is the open casting call for extras for Divergent in Chicago. Here are all the details if you live in the Chicago or surrounding areas: 

The open call will be held, Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 10:00AM to 3:00PM at CINESPACE – Chicago Film Studios.

CINESPACE – Chicago Film Studios
2602 W. 16TH Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60608

Atmosphere Casting will be looking for the following:
● People with a “rural” farm hand look
● People with military, weapons or martial arts training
● People with stunt and/or stage combat training
● People with a “hippie” or Bohemian look. Longer hair preferred (both men and women)
● People with visible tattoos and/or piercings
● Ages 16 and up, all ethnicities

Love to hear your comments on any of the news we mentioned. You can read past Pens! Camera! ACTION! post HERE.


  1. So much excitement. I don't know if I can contain myself. So freaking excited for Vampire Academy. Loved hearing the news about Delirium too! Not sure about Emma Roberts but we will see. Fallen too! Just can't wait for it all.

  2. NO!!! Chicago? I can't make it to Chicago! Why can't the call be where I live for Divergent? *sob*

  3. I am really excited about Vampire Academy, Richelle said Lissa and Christian kissing at the church is on the script!!! that is honestly one of my favorite parts of the book.

    I agree with Bianca about the Emma Roberts part, we'll have to wait and see, and did I mentioned my excitement about Vampire Academy? Danila looks quite Dimitri-ish... sexy.

  4. Great news updates! Looking forward to that Delirium pilot.

  5. I'm waiting for all four of these to come to screen, but especially Fallen. I too think it could be the next Twilight in popularity.

  6. I'm looking forward to all of these, but VA is the most anticipated one for me, personally. I love everything Richelle Mead and as you, I became to doubt if there ever would be a chance to see it all on the big screen. I agree that the actors cast so far are a perfect choice and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out:) Thanks for sharing, girls!

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination


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