BEA Video: Richelle Mead & Melissa de la Cruz | Fire & Ice

Hi everyone! On Friday I attended this luncheon hosted by Penguin group. In attendance were Anna Jarzab (Tandem), Richelle Mead (The Fiery Heart) and Melissa de la Cruz (Frozen). They all got to discuss their latest books. They also chatted a bit about their upcoming movie ot TV show. I was able to record Melissa and Richelle chatting about Witches of East End Lifetime show and The Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters movie.

To view the 10 minute video, just go CLICK HERE to visit OUaT's sister site  ( that I co-run about book adaptations. Your gonna love what both authors had to say.

Here is a small clip I also got of Richelle Mead discussing The Vampire Academy series:

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  1. I'm really excited about the VA movie! I loved the series and the cast list looks good (better than Divergents, which seems like it will be disappointing unfortunately).


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