Book Review: A Time to Reap (The Legend of Carter Gabel #1) by Jonas Lee

A Time to Reap
The Legend of Carter Gabel #1
Author: Jonas Lee
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Released: July 2014
Review Source: Self Published, Createspace

Pemberton Academy is not just a school, it’s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy; in short, time travelers and mind readers who have been diagnosed with this “disease.” The Academy is not all as it seems after an explosion nearly takes one of its classmates, but not before Carter Gabel rescues her by using an unknown symptom related to his described illness. An unsanctioned group called the Program begins taking notice as the two classmates exhibit stronger abilities when they are together. Carter's sense of reality begins to unwind as he learns more about his estranged father's involvement with it all.

Carter will have to overcome the past of his father leaving, the present of an unknown adversary hunting him down and a future that seems to change with each decision he makes. He will have to learn who to trust out of the people in his life if he wants to conquer the looming notion that the government may be hunting him down because of his developing abilities.

It's not difficult to lure me in with a topic of "time traveling." Which is why I immediately took an interest in A Time To Reap. I'm glad to inform that I was not let down. I'm no time travel expert myself, but I love reading about different theories and different sciences people give it. And, yes, sometimes time traveling books are way too complicated and confusing. That is definitely not the case with this read though. The author, Jonas Lee, tackled the sensitive subject impressively. Time traveling in A Time to Reap isn't too sticky and doesn't make you as too many questions which makes the book very enjoyable. People have other abilities as well, which also helps keep you entertained! My only downfall is that I didn't quite feel a "connection" or relate to any character, but then again who is going to relate to a mind-reader or time traveler? LOL. And, although this book is set in the future, Carter's easy way of talking doesn't feel very dystopian. He says "crap-tastic" and "crapdamnit" for crying out loud! HA!

From page one I was all in. Carter's "voice" did it for me. He's such a cute and quirky character and really carries the story. Oh boy, and all the plot twists were definitely fun and had me mouth-opened, and shocked! I put the book down a few times to process the crazy information I had just learned. It's a book that takes you on an enjoyable and entertaining ride that's for sure!

Reading about time travel can be intimidating, but I can not stress enough how NOT confusing A Time to Reap is! Crapdamnit, go pick up this awesome little gem for yourself and see!


  1. I love stories about time travel. they just sound so interesting and I love looking at how each story explores the idea. Carter sounds like a fun chracter :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  2. Bianca, this made my day, well let's just sweep it into my February! I'm so glad you enjoyed my novice attempts at a first novel and hope to see your thoughts on its sequel!


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