Book Review: Christmas to Color by Mary Tanana

Christmas to Color
Author: Mary Tanana (Illustrator)
Reading Level: All Ages
Genres: Coloring Book | Art | Christmas
Released: October 27th 2015
Review Source: HarperCollins

Step into a wintry wonderland with illustrator Mary Tanana's intricate, gorgeous illustrations of Christmas magic, lovingly represented in this delicately rendered coloring book. From snowflakes to stockings, reindeer to wreaths, every aspect of the holidays is waiting to be brought to life through your creativity. With nearly one hundred pages of pen-and-ink drawings, the wintry coloring book fun will last you well into the new year!

What a treat to be able to review not just a coloring book but a Christmas themed book just before the holidays. I want to let you know right now, that if you have anyone close to you that loves coloring, this will make a perfect gift to give them this season. They will love you for it. It will also be great to give to a teacher if you haven't bought them their gift yet. So head over to your nearest book store and purchase one of these pretties right up, and grab one for you while your at it.

Each page inside the book brings you what Christmas is all about. You have drawings of reindeer's, trees, wreaths and just so much more. The book is a sturdy coloring book, so no worries about ripping a pages. And I can also state that the pages will not overwhelm you with their drawings, you might get flustered trying to decided what color to choose to fill in (lol). If you happen to grab yourself a copy, this would be something you can do with a friend or family member on Christmas eve or Christmas day, you can sit at the table with some hot cocoa and have a jolly time coloring in this book. 

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  1. I started taking up the hobby of adult coloring books about three months ago. I'll have to look into getting this book. It'd be fun to color throughout the year.


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