These Elves Outdid Themselves This Year With Our Blogger Christmas Party! #SantasInsiders

Merry Christmas everyone!

For three years now, a couple of South Florida Bloggers have gather together on a Saturday in December to celebrate together the love for books, fandom and movies. Every year we are thankful to have each other, as we all support our craziness.

This year, my fabulous friends decided to do a Harry Potter theme Blogger Christmas party! An two of Santa's Little Helper outdid themselves! Just take a look at what they did!


Can we stop and admire these? How freaking amazing? While getting everything together we watched Santa's Little Helper to feel like one of his helper. I know Santa is very proud... Especially with our beloved Dasiel the Elf. She loves Christmas and wanted to surprised us all with these amazing theme. Like in Santa's Little Helper, we were assigned to tasks to complete and bring in the best work. However, unlike the movie, we worked together and not battle with one another. But this is what made the movie funny. 

As a Christmas movie, and especially a family-friendly one, this film does a stellar job. We really enjoy watching this movie. 


Thank you, Fox Home Entertainment for making this year Blogger Christmas Party special.

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