Book Review: Trust Me by Romily Bernard

Trust Me
Find Me #3
Author: Romily Bernard
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Mystery
Released: March 22nd 2016
Review Source: HarperTeen


“Trust me.”

Wick Tate’s never heard these words so much in her life. And with all her secrets, who can she really trust?

There’s Milo, her new hacker boyfriend, who’s keeping a dark secret of his own. Griff, the ex who’s always had her best interests at heart but who mostly wants to stay out of Wick’s mess. There’s Looking Glass, an organization that can supposedly offer Wick protection…and a future.

And then there’s her family. They should be easy to trust, right? Not if you’re Wick. Not when “family” means so many different things, including a criminal father who may not stay locked up for long.

Wick is used to relying on herself…and only herself. But she’s going to have to learn to trust someone if she’s going to finally escape her demons...

Wick Tate has been an idol since I've started this series. I love this girl to pieces. She's a hacker, a genius and the type of person that will do anything and everything to get herself out of trouble. The girl has WICK in WICKED for a reason. Although she may be genius, she has her flaws. Even if these come in handy at times. Sometimes her lack in trust is on point. Who would blame her? Wick was raised by a father who is a con man and had a very unhealthy childhood. From her early ages, her father was a very bad influence. Which is another thing to admire her for. She may do things illegally, but it doesn't make her the bad person. She actually tries to help others in need. She just does things the way she knows... which happens to be the illegal way.

In Trust Me, Wick is given a lifetime opportunity. But like I'd mentioned before, she is terrible at trusting. Looking Glass may be a great opportunity for Wick to better her future, a world in which she can do things legally, but the girl thinks something is wrong. Her curiosity got the best of her and Wick will dig. It's too good to be true. As she takes matter in her own hands, things get a little crazy.

Trust Me is a good way of ending this series. It's not my favorite of the series. However, it had its jaw-drop moments but there were many were the pacing would slow. I know, I am very impatient! Yet this whole series is really good. It's full of mystery, action and it contains wicked computer tricks. Nonetheless, the best part of this series is Wick herself. She is a character to admire. As the story continues, Wick grows and learns from her mistakes. She's willing to help others and admit when she's wrong. In Trust Me, she learns to open up and trust in the people that care for her. I am glad I gave this series a try and learn many tricks from Wick!

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