Book Review: Black Widow: Red Vengeance by Margaret Stohl

Black Widow: Red Vengeance
Black Widow #2
Author: Margaret Stohl
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Comics
Released: October 11 2016
Review Source: Marvel Press

BLACK WIDOW: RED VENGEANCE is the action-packed sequel tothe instant New York Times best-seller, BLACK WIDOW: FOREVER RED, penned by #1New York Times best-selling author Margaret Stohl. This time, Stohl takesreaders inside the minds of Marvel's most cunning and dangerous spies-BlackWidow and Red Widow-delving deeper into their powers and will reveal more thanever before about the infamous assassin and her fledgling hero-in-training.

Black Widow has a new partner in crime, Red Widow. The Widows are dealing with loosing Alexei, someone who was close to them both. And each grieving in their own ways. While trying to stay on top of their game while getting vengeance, it makes things a little bit messy.

Stohl has done it again. She has taken you on a journey with one of your favorite Avengers'. And if Black Widow isn't your favorite avenger these books will make you love her. Getting inside her brain and seeing how Natasha reacts to things is what makes her a great character. And Stohl brings to life her snark and cynicism in such a way that you only see her as a completely sarcastic and loveable character. And her relationship with Ava, her Red Widow, only makes you love her and Ava more than you knew you would.

The story picks up a little after the first one ended, but you get the sense that the character's mindset is set exactly how it was when we left them. And you almost feel as if it is your job to put their pieces back together. Stohl makes you feel their heartbreak and need for vengeance in a way that makes you feel as if she has made you a part of her book. She has allowed readers to become one of her characters within the story.

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