#ECCC Day 2 Recap

Day 2 started off with crossing something off of my bucket list.

I met the great Stan Lee. I have always wanted to meet him, and after playing the Marvel Lego video game where you save 100+ Stan Lee's and he has a cameo line for each and every one I found my favorite Stan Lee cameo. "My cameos know no bounds" is seriously one of my favorite lines ever. I told Stan Lee about this - and he then smiled so big it made my day. He said "Oh thank you so much! You're the one!" And after the picture he said "Thanks dear!" And it made my day. I was so insanely happy to meet Stan Lee finally and he is seriously one of the sweetest men I've ever met.

After my photo op with Stan Lee we walked the floor some more, my friend Karlee ran into one of her favorite Cosplays of the day.

Irisa Nolan from Defiance! And Boo from Monsters, Inc. 

After that we went and saw 4 and a half panels. The first panel was of the image comics founders and them talking about what they'd done for the last 25 years and what they're most proud of. After that was John DiMaggio's panel. The man who brought Bender from Futurama to life.

He talked to us all about his different characters. I loved hearing about bender on Futurama because that's my favorite character of his. He has also voiced some characters on Final Fantasy X and on Adventuretime as Jake the Dog. 

After John's panel came the Animaniacs. I was mainly excited for the voice actors of Pinky and The Brain!

They talked all about the cartoons that I grew up watching every morning on the weekends. Also they've all acted in other shows such as The Simpsons, Futurama, and so that was interesting to see.

The next panel was a Guardians of the Galaxy panel, that soon turned into a Gilmore Girls' panel.

Mainly because of this man. Sean Gunn. Michael Rooker was there as well. But most of the questions ended up being about Gilmore Girls.

This panel was actually pretty hilarious. Michael Rooker is quiet funny and was definitely the star of the show. But it was amazing to see Sean and hear about the Guardians of the Galaxy 2...or at least what they could tell us about it anyways. Which honestly wasn't much!

The last panel of the day was Jeremy Renner's. And let's be honest. I stayed for this panel just because I knew that I would find his stories about the Avengers interesting. What I didn't expect was for me to leave a huge Jeremy Renner fan. He is an amazing actor, we've all seen him and love him as Hawkeye.

But honestly the human being that he is makes him super lovable. He has an amazing spirit and soul, you can tell just by how he answers things. He's super in love with his child and you can tell she is his number 1 priority. While he loves his job his daughter is his go to person. And that made me love him even more. And then how he talks about films and how he chooses roles to portray made me love him. My favorite answer from him was how he chooses roles to play. His answer was "I want to go into it not knowing what I'm doing. I want to conquer the fear of the unknown. To find the truth within that character, within the unknown. If I've played that character before and it becomes something I know, I don't want to play it." And that....that answer made me adore Jeremy.

On our way out of the convention we saw an amazing cosplay of Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls as well.

Today was a blast. But tomorrow....tomorrow I meet my all time favorite horror movie villain....Freddy Kreuger!

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