#ECCC Day 3 Recap.

Today started fantastically. I woke up and got dressed as Freddy Krueger knowing I was going to meet the man who portrayed him today.

I - as most of you know - am obsessed with films and everything about them. For as long as I can remember I have said that certain people are my "___" husband. So like Aladdin is my cartoon husband. I can't be the only girl who has done this. Anyways...I may have been the only girl to claim that she had a horror movie husband. Because he was my favorite horror villain of all time. And can you guess who that might have been? That's right...the only horror movie villain I have ever dressed up as. Freddy Krueger. So to be getting ready to meet him was basically the best thing ever.

When I was queued up in line I decided I was going to ask him if I could be killing him in the picture. I was worried this would look weird, but if anyone was to bring down Freddy I wanted to be the one to do it. So once I had this plan in my mind I was dead set about doing it. I was first up in line for the 1pm photo ops and I was excited. Once we got up to his photo booth I was a little nervous about asking if I could kill him in the picture or not. But I knew if I didn't that I would regret it. So when it was finally my turn I decided to ask.

I am so 100% glad that I had asked. He was the sweetest man in the planet. He said that I could and then he planned out our picture together. It was like he had choreographed these poses before - which I'm sure he had - but he paid so much attention to the detail and it made me so happy. The inner Freddy Krueger girl was so happy. And honestly - it is the best con picture that I had to date.

After this photo op we walked the floor some and found some great cosplays again. But honestly - when don't you find some great cosplays at comicon?

After this we saw Robert Englund's very condensed panel. He talked a little bit about being a beloved villain, and about how he would like to see the character progress.

He said that because Freddy is a figment of everyone's imagination he would like to see a Freddy film where there are 4 main characters with 4 different Freddy's. A different Freddy for each different character. And I want to know how this hasn't been done yet?! Like imagine it....Freddy is seriously just a figment of everyone's imagination...he kills you in your sleep! So how has this concept not been made to fruition yet? He also apparently has a new video game coming out that he couldn't tell us about, which led them to play the Nightmare On Elm Street video game which made absolutely no sense.

After this we went and tried to sit on a Harry Potter Renaissance panel. We thought this was going to be amazing until we realized that this panel was a bunch of fangirls/fanboys talking about the fandom. It was cool because the two girls were from the band The Parselmouths (if you haven't heard anything from this band and you're a Harry Potter fan please go listen to them) but other than that we weren't really into it.

So we went and waited in line for Millie Bobby Brown's panel. Which I am so glad that we did. When they finally let her line into the panel we were right before they stopped allowing people into the main stage seating area. 

Her panel was one of the best panels. She is the most adorable 13 year old I have ever seen. She had been talking about Disney channel a lot because she had been inspired to act from Disney channel - just that she knew she couldn't be a Disney star. She said "I couldn't jump up and down 24/7 and just be like *giddy gasp and laughter*. I need to cry, I need to feel pain ---- I know...that sounds really weird."

And from that moment on I loved her. She told us not a whole lot about season 2 of Stranger Things, she did however tell us that Barb is for sure dead. She kept making jokes about it and making the whole entire audience sad. She was the most expressive little girl ever too. When she would talk about Leonardo DiCaprio her face was hilarious and basically how my face would be if talking about how I met him. She is basically every single fangirl in the world...except she's a star of a beloved show. 

And our last panel of the day was Stan Lee's.

I would be lying if I didn't say I was emotional. Knowing this is his last con circuit pulls on the heartstrings. And knowing what an amazing person he has been to the comicbook universe definitely makes me tear up. 

Just listening to him was amazing. He is older so he had to wait to have one of the other panelists explain what was being said to him. But he was quick with the wit. He's the wittiest 94 year old I have ever seen. And honestly I would adopt him as my grandfather.

I learned that his full name is Stanley Martin Lieber. He apparently had been embarrassed by his comics and therefore change his name, but once he become famous for his comics he realized there was no way getting around changing his name back. Can you imagine.....Stan Lee actually being Stanley. I know it's not that far fetched seeing as it sounds the same. But in my mind it's hard to grasp.

Honestly. I am so glad that I met this man and that I went to his panel. He is also super proud of his cameos. He kept bringing them up, and he was always hilarious about them. He claims that Marvel movies do great because if anyone misses the Stan Lee cameo they have to go back and see the movie again. He thinks they should be longer than one scene. He also thinks that they can't be longer than one scene because everyone will realize he is the Clark Gable of the whole film. He is the supporting main character as he called it. 

Today was so amazing. I am so sad that tomorrow is our final day at the con. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I was excited...since tomorrow I will be meeting Tom Felton. But nothing will ever beat today. Meeting my all time favorite horror villain and finishing the day off with a Stan Lee panel.

Emerald City Comic Con 2017...so far you've been great. 

In the words of the great Stan Lee -- Excelsior!

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