Book Review: Secrets of the A-List by Joss Wood

Secrets of the A-List
Episode 1 of 12
Author: Joss Wood
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Romance | Sagas | Family Life
Released: September 3, 2017
Review Source: NetGalley | Harlequin Special Releases

A billionaire on the verge of death. And his family? In free fall…

The wealthy Marshall family is untouchable. Or so they thought. But when a car accident puts patriarch Harrison in a coma, cracks appear in the family facade. It seems Harrison had an awful lot of secrets, and he’s not the only one. His wife, Mariella, and children, Luc, Rafe and Elana, not to mention nephew Gabe, all have things they’d rather keep hidden.

Enter a mysterious figure called the Fixer… Who is this person, and what is the Fixer’s connection with Harrison? And with those cracks becoming ever wider, what sins will be revealed?

Super Rich. Super Sexy. Super Addictive.

Secrets of the A-List—read all 12 episodes!

First off, I had no idea when I began reading this book, how short it was. I didn't figure out that it had 11 more episodes" as they call it, until I was done and wondering "what the heck". So now you know, this series is a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is written by a different author.

So this episode is focus on the Marshall family. The head of the family, Harrison Marshall, has been in a serious accident and is at the hospital when story begins. Harrison is dealing with life threatening injuries and the family is freaking out.

Due to Harrison's accident, we start to discover that he was involved in more than everyone thought. So when Harrison is transferred to a private hospital, and no one from the family authorized this transfer, things really heat up. They come to find out that a person going by the name "The Fixer"is who transferred him. Who is this Fixer and how are they involved with Marshall?

As far as the story itself, its a lot of information for a small book. You might understand it all and piece it together, but just when you think you know, the book ends. You almost feel cheated. I know I did. So if you like all the Hollywood drama of the rich, then this series will be your thing.

If your interested in all the episodes, see below:

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