Book Review: Seers of Light

Seers of Light
Light #1
Author: Jennifer DeLucy
Pages: 396 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: February 16th 2010
Review Source: Omnific Publishing

This was such an amazing book!!  I couldn’t put it down and I ended up reading it in 2 days!!  It had everything a girl would want.  It had sympaths, ghosts, spirits, demons, seers, mind readers and of course, vampires!  The book is very well written and you will honestly fall in love with all the characters.  I totally recommend this book. 
Lily always knew she was different, but couldn't quite figure it out why.  She always felt like something was missing in her life.  She told herself that it was because her father had died of cancer when she was a little girl and her mother had disappeared when she was very little.  It wasn't until one day she was attached by a vampire (obviously she didn't know it was a vampire) and was saved by a gorgeous British man named Christian that she would soon find out why she always felt that way.  Christian then tells her that she’s not safe anymore and that her life was in danger and that she needs to go with him to Atlanta and speak to Abram and that he would explain everything to her.  Once they get there, she is greeted by the most kind-hearted and corky people ever.  Confused and overwhelmed about everything, she is very eager to speak with Abram.  Abram tells her that she is a Pathcrosser and a Sympah and that’s why all her life she has felt different and out of place.  He explains to her about their world and the reason for their existence.  Abram tells Lily that William (which by the way, I am totally in love with.) is going to be her instructor and that he is going to teach her how to use her powers and how to defend herself.  Right away Christian feeling protective over Lily tells her to stay away from William because William is part vampire, but she doesn't understand why she is so drawn to him even if he is supposed to be one of the bad guys.  I don’t want to give away any more of the story because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I will say that this has to be one of the best books I have ever read.  The love between William and Lily is something so strong and special it will make your heart melt.  Needless to say, I TOTALLY recommend this book. 

Summary: (from goodreads) Lillian Hunt has never truly lived. Always sensing more to the world than is easily perceived, she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy, or worse, mental instability. But some things—disappearing strangers, tangible dreams, and visits from malevolent creatures—cannot be ignored. Before it's too late, Lillian is ripped from the only existence she’s ever known and thrust into a reality that she always suspected, but could scarcely believe. She must learn the truth about who she is, the powerful beings that wish to destroy her, and the two men who would die to protect her. 

Jennifer DeLucy has created a unique, enchanting tale of destiny and the ageless power of love in her debut novel, Seers of Light. DeLucy's novel charms readers with quirky characters, while sketching a haunting portrait of one woman's journey on the path of the supernaturally gifted. But be prepared. Once you've entered the world of Seers, you will never be the same.

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